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Is Pergo better than other laminates?

Is Pergo better than other laminates?

Better resistance Pergo laminate floors are created to be tougher than most other laminate options. These incur minimum scratches and are also very much close to being waterproof. You get around 30 minutes window to clean up any spillage and maintain the finish.

How thick is Pergo Max?

3/8” thick
All of the planks in the Pergo Max collection are either 5.36 inches or 6.18 inches wide, 3/8” thick, and feature varying lengths up for 48” for a truly custom appearance. The styles feature various finishes, including matte, satin, and semi-gloss, and either handscraped or wire-brushed texture.

Does Pergo look like real wood?

When you are looking at it from a distance, Pergo looks like real wood. Like other laminate, the core of Pergo laminate is made of chipped wood and the surface is laminate. Solid wood, however, is an all-time classic and is highly appreciated by homeowners and customers.

What happens if Pergo gets wet?

A laminate floor will not be damaged as long as it is not saturated with water. If you have a spill, it is best to promptly pat it dry with a sponge or a towel.

Do Pergo floors scratch easily?

Pergo claims that the floors are scratch resistant but not scratch proof! We had the floors for roughly 3 years before we moved from our last home and I didn’t notice any scratches and we WERE NOT EASY ON THEM.

Is Pergo Max a good brand?

The overall look of Pergo Max is beautiful, but it hasn’t been very durable. I’ve been experiencing splintered boards at the joints, grooves that do not fit securely, and easy scratching. Scratches are impossible to cover with stain or a repair pen. Denise, NJ. Pergo Max has the look and quality that I wanted.

What is the warranty on Pergo Max flooring?

Pergo Max comes with a limited lifetime warranty on residential applications as well as a 6-month limited manufacturing warranty and a 5-year limited warranty on light commercial uses. More information is available on the company’s website. We installed this floor on the first floor of our home and nearly a year later, we love it!

What kind of wood is Pergo Max made of?

The Pergo Max collection features ten beautiful styles, including hickory, oak, and maple woods. There are deep, rich colors such as Chocolate Oak and Grimsley Hickory, medium tones like best-sellers Gunstock Oak and Handscraped Heritage Hickory, and light finishes including Avondale Hickory and Natural Maple.