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Is LoanPig a direct lender?

Is LoanPig a direct lender?

All of the loans that we provide here at LoanPig have competitive APR rates with reasonable and fair repayment terms. We differentiate ourselves from the other lenders in the market today by being both a direct lender as well as a loan broker.

Is THL a direct lender?

Choose THL Direct We work with payday loan direct lender partners and their payday instalment loans are set up for payments spread across multiple paydays.

Is MoneyKey a direct lender?

MoneyKey is an online direct lender that provides short-term, unsecured Loans and Lines of Credit to underserved consumers through a safe and secure platform. MoneyKey also arranges Installment Loans as a Credit Access Business and a Credit Services Organization in the state of Texas.

Is QuidMarket a direct lender?

QuidMarket is a direct lender providing short term loans, which are different to payday loans – they’re more easily manageable, and you have longer to pay them back. We began as a short term loan direct lender in 2011, helping hard-working people meet their short term financial needs.

Is Swift money a direct lender?

As a broker and not a direct lender, Swift Money will not provide financial services directly to customers, but will find lenders or providers for you instead.

Is Mr lender safe to use?

Mr Lender is a leading UK-based short term credit provider. We help people by providing payday loans and instalment loans of between £200 and £1,000 to be repaid in a period from three to six months. As a responsible lender we are committed to providing a clear, trustworthy service to our customers.

Can you have 2 loans with Mr lender?

Can I have more than one loan open? No, customers can only have one loan from Mr Lender open at any point. We cannot offer additional loans as this may cause financial strain and lead to a spiral of debt.

Does MoneyKey check Credit?

How do installment loans affect credit? Here at MoneyKey, we only perform soft inquiries when reviewing loan applications. Otherwise known as a soft pull, this quick background check won’t appear on your credit history. As a result, applying for a MoneyKey loan won’t affect your credit score.

Is Peachy loans a direct lender?

Peachy is a direct lender offering short-term and instalment loans for consumers in need of a quick injection of cash either in-between paydays or to deal with an unexpected emergency.

Is Swiftmoney safe?

SWIFT is a safe and secure payment system that has been used for decades. To make a SWIFT transfer, you can use a bank or money transfer specialist. A SWIFT international payment can take anywhere between 1-4 working days. Banks typically cost more for SWIFT transfers than money transfer companies.