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Is Les Miserables movie the same as the book?

Is Les Misérables movie the same as the book?

The movie and its songs have succeeded in bringing the characters and their emotions to life, and making the audience feel moved. The Nostalgia Chick referred to Les Miserables as Les Coincidences, because of the way the characters’ lives all intertwine, and this is all the more true in the book.

Which is the best film version of Les Misérables?

Moviegoers may have favourite interpreters of Valjean and Javert, but by general agreement the best screen version is this handsomely restored, nearly five-hour 1934 adaptation by Raymond Bernard, who’d made his name in the silent area with spectacular costume films.

Is Les Miserable based on a book?

The epic tale originated as an 1862 novel by the great French writer: a story of love, revenge and redemption set against a bloody backdrop. Les Miserables, already adapted as a record-breaking West End musical and Oscar-winning movie, is back for a star-studded (and song-free) BBC adaptation.

What is the meaning behind Les Misérables?

The Miserable Ones
Les Misérables has several shades of meaning in French. Translators say that Victor Hugo’s novel, published in 1862, could just as well be titled The Miserable Ones, The Outcasts, The Wretched Poor, The Victims or The Dispossessed.

Which version of Les Misérables should I watch?

Between 2012 and 1978, I’d give the leg up to the latter. The musical captures the scope and scale of the book better, but the non-musical focuses in more on Valjean and Javert and is all the better for it. Both characters shine here.

Who is the best Javert?

1. Philip Quast. Ask any Les Mis fan who the most beloved Inspector Javert of all time is, and they’ll probably tell you it’s this man.

How many movie versions of Les Miserables are there?

seven different
“Les Mis” On Screen The spine of a book cannot hold such an epic story, however, and it has been adapted into seven different notable films over the years, including in 1935 (winning Best Picture at the Oscars), 1952, 1982, 1998, and most recently in 2012, starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman.

Is Jean Valjean based on a real person?

Valjean’s character is loosely based on the life of Eugène François Vidocq, an ex-convict who became a successful businessman widely noted for his social engagement and philanthropy. Vidocq helped Hugo with his research for Claude Gueux and Le Dernier jour d’un condamné (The Last Day of a Condemned Man).

What is the main message of Les Misérables?

What are the themes in Les Misérables? The themes of Les Misérables are concerned with social issues in 19th-century urban France. Victor Hugo uses Les Misérables to deliver critiques of wealth distribution, the justice system, industrialism, and republicanism.

Is Les Miserables a true story?

Les Misérables was inspired in part by the true story of Eugène-François Vidocq, who turned a criminal career into an anti-crime industry. He created the Bureau des Renseignements, said to be the world’s first detective agency, in 1833, though he himself continued to be pursued by police. What happens in the beginning of Les Miserables?

What is Les Miserables rated?

Families can talk about the movie’s messages. What is it saying about faith and love?

  • Why are the students so passionate about their cause?
  • How well do film actors perform in a movie that requires them to sing almost every line of dialogue?
  • For fans of the stage musical — which version do you prefer,and why?
  • What is the main plot of Les Miserables?

    Synopsis One of the world’s most iconic and longest-running musicals, Les Misérables tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who spends a lifetime seeking redemption. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France and the aftermath of the French Revolution, this timeless story of intertwined destinies reveals the power of compassion and the quiet evil of indifference to human suffering.

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