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Is Jinhao a good pen brand?

Is Jinhao a good pen brand?

Jinhao strives for perfection and the quality of their writing instruments shows that dedication. Jinhao pens are inexpensive and well worth many times over their low price tag. The best materials and components are used in each Jinhao pen for a top performing, smooth writing instrument.

Which Jinhao is best?

Then, which Jinhao is best? Jinhao 992 This pen is one of the top in terms of build quality and quality control, it has a smooth nib, and it looks great. The 992 writes like a Pilot nib with a nice ink flow, wonderful smoothness, and great handling.

Are Jinhao nibs good?

The nib is super smooth but pretty stiff. Its good for day-to-day notetaking but its not as expressive on the paper as a softer nib. If you have a pen with a #6 sized nib then I definitely think that the Goulet Nibs are a perfect way to plus up a fountain pen.

Why is Jinhao so cheap?

I guess the simple answer is that economies of scale through bulk manufacturing allows for these pens to be produced at unbelievably low prices.

What does Jinhao mean?

Jin Hao, (Chinese: 金号; pinyin: Jīnhào), which translates to “Gold Number”, is a group of radio stations in Shaanxi, China serving Xi’an, China and the greater provincial area.

Who makes Jinhao pens?

Shanghai Qiangu Stationery Company Ltd.
Jinhao pens are made in China by Shanghai Qiangu Stationery Company Ltd. Established in 1988, each pen is designed by Jinhao’s staff and manufactured at their factory using high quality materials.

Which is the best ink pen in India?

Best Fountain Pens in India

  • Parker Fountain Pen.
  • Parker Jotter Fountain Pen.
  • Asvine Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen.
  • LAMY Safari Fountain Pen.
  • PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen.
  • LAMY Studio Medium Nib Fountain Pen.
  • Waterman Hemisphere CT Fountain Pen.
  • LAMY Safari Fountain Pen.

What does JinHao mean?

What is Jinhao fountain pen?

Jinhao is the main brand of Shanghai Qiangu Stationery Co Ltd (Chinese: 上海千古文具有限公司), a Chinese manufacturing company specializing in writing instruments. In the West they are known for their affordable fountain pens. The company was established in 1988 in Jiangxi Province, but relocated to Shanghai in 2003.