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Is Great America in Santa Clara or San Jose?

Is Great America in Santa Clara or San Jose?

This area’s street address is 4911 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Includes unlimited visits in 2022 to California’s Great America, South Bay Shores and all special events, free parking, exclusive discounts and more!

Do you have to wear a mask to Great America?

The State of California recommends that Park guests be either fully vaccinated, obtain a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of attending the park, or wear a face covering. Face Coverings are strongly recommended in all Indoor Public Settings regardless of vaccination status.

Why is Great America closed?

Today, California’s Great America announced that it would remain closed for the rest of 2020 due to the ongoing challenges related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The safety of our guests and associates is always our top priority.

How much does it cost to park at Great America?

Parking is $30 per vehicle for regular parking ($25 pre-purchased online) and $35 for preferred parking. RV parking is $40 per vehicle. A limited number of handicap parking spaces are available near the front gate on a first-come, first-served basis.

What city is Great America?

Santa Clara
California’s Great America, commonly known simply as Great America, is a 112-acre (45 ha) amusement park located in Santa Clara, California.

Is Six Flags and Great America the same thing?

Originally opened in 1976 by the Marriott Corporation as Marriott’s Great America, Six Flags has owned and operated the park since 1984.

Can I bring a backpack to Great America?

California’s Great America is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our guests and associates. All guests arriving at the park are electronically scanned with a handheld “wand” and/or metal detector. Guests are also asked to open any backpacks, purses or waist packs for a brief examination.

Does Great America serve alcohol?

Do They Sell Alcohol At Great America? It is mandatory that guests at California’s Great America be 21 years or older to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages. We prohibit alcohol consumption when waiting in line for any ride. During the hour before closing, we also stop serving alcohol.

Is Six Flags Great America going to open this year?

Six Flags Great America, in Gurnee, Illinois , will open for its 45th year on April 24, 2021. In addition, the waterpark in Gurnee will open with a separate gate on May 29, at which time Hurricane Harbor Chicago will become the company’s 27th park.

Does Great America have a water park?

South Bay Shores is California’s Great America’s premier water park and is included with all park tickets and Season Passes.

What should I wear to Great America?

Dress comfortably. You’ll also want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can move around easily all day. Additionally, don’t forget your sun protection! The hot summer sun can be a burden on your day, so be sure to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and plenty of water so you can stay protected.

When did Great America Santa Clara Open?

May 20, 1976California’s Great America / Opened