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Is CraneBoard good?

Is CraneBoard good?

Then, simply put, CraneBoard siding is your solution. It’s made of vinyl but looks and feels like real wood (only without the costly and time-consuming upkeep!). So it’s no wonder that for the last twenty years it’s been considered one of the best cladding materials on the market.

What is CraneBoard siding?

CraneBoard ® Siding CraneBoard is insulated siding designed for energy efficiency and excellent moisture management. It reduces thermal conductivity, absorbs and reflects radiant heat and is available in 6″ and 7″ profiles.

What is the R value of CraneBoard siding?

CraneBoard® SOLID CORE SIDING® comes with all the insulation you need built right in for an R-Value of 3.0-4.0, depending on product style.

Is CraneBoard vinyl?

Craneboard Solid Core. Insulated Vinyl Siding Due to its high-quality coating, craneboard siding offers you the best insulation available on the market. With Craneboard, your home remains cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It requires no maintenance and protects against the harshest of conditions.

What is solid core siding?

Solid core vinyl siding is a new home siding option named for the foam core backing that conforms to the back of each sheet of siding. The foam backing is bonded to the siding panel in a solid core siding, differentiating it from hollow siding with foam simply inserted behind it.

Is Insulated siding worth it?

Insulated vinyl siding is the only product that can reduce utility bills through energy savings, reducing its total cost over time. And because it helps protect the home from impact damage (read more below), it can reduce the number of repairs that must be done to the siding over time.

What is the most durable siding?

What Is the Most Durable Type of Siding?

  • Engineered Wood. As the most durable siding on the market, engineered wood combines the aesthetics of real wood with engineered wood strand technology for superior durability.
  • Vinyl Siding.
  • Fiber Cement.
  • Traditional Wood.
  • Cedar Shake.
  • Aluminum.

What is the difference between vinyl siding and fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement and vinyl siding both make fine siding options for home exteriors—and they don’t chip like brick and stucco. Vinyl costs less to install but isn’t permitted on historic homes. Fiber cement looks more natural but tends to fade and requires more maintenance.

Who owns Crane siding?

Georgia Gulf Corporation has acquired the Exterior Portfolio siding business of plastics processor Crane Group. Georgia Gulf Corporation has acquired the Exterior Portfolio siding business of plastics processor Crane Group. Atlanta, Ga.

Which siding has highest R-value?

However, quality vinyl is very low maintenance, requiring an occasional hosing down. It also has excellent thermal resistance naturally, and when you invest in insulated vinyl, adds powerful R-value to your home. Insulated vinyl is more expensive than regular vinyl but less expensive than wood or stucco siding.

What is the average cost of insulated vinyl siding?

$4.00 – $12.00 per square foot
Insulated vinyl siding costs anywhere from $4.00 – $12.00 per square foot installed, although some projects might fall outside of this range.