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Is Cisco DPQ3212 a modem and a router?

Is Cisco DPQ3212 a modem and a router?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Cisco DPQ3212 is a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem that enables wired telephone and Internet services (Cable internet provider required). It connects to the coax cable from the wall and delivers digital telephone and Internet access through the connection ports on its back panel.

What is a Cisco Model DPQ3212?

The Cisco® Model DPQ3212 8×4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem with Embedded Digital Voice Adapter (DPQ3212) is a high-speed cable modem with an embedded digital voice adapter. The DPQ3212 provides a faster connection to the Internet by incorporating eight bonded downstream channels along with four bonded upstream channels.

Why is the link light blinking on my Cisco modem?

Flashing indicates the modem is scanning for network connectivity. When solid, these lights indicate that a connection has been detected. If flashing, this indicates that data is currently transmitting through this ethernet port.

Does Cisco still make cable modems?

Cisco Cable Modem DPC3008, Compatible with Xfinity/Comcast, Spectrum, ATT, TWC, Cox, and Most Internet Providers, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem.

What does a Cisco modem do?

The Cisco uBR904 cable modem is a compact, easy-to-install device that can receive and transmit digital data over hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) cable; the same cable that brings television broadcast transmissions into a cable television (CATV) subscriber’s home.

Is the link light supposed to blink?

Link lights constantly blink—the flashing is a signal that your link port is active and sending information to your computer or router. If your link light is solid green, it’s connected but not currently transferring data.

What does it mean when the link light is flashing orange?

A blinking orange light means it is in recovery mode due to a firmware fault. This information is specific to specific D-Link routers. You will need to re-flash the firmware for the router.

How do I log into my Cisco modem?

How to log-in to Cisco router?

  1. Connect your device, either computer or mobile, to your internet.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your router. The IP address used for most CISCO routers is 192.168.
  3. From the log-in page, enter your username and password.
  4. Hit the Ok button to access your web interface!