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Is BiWay coming back to Ontario?

Is BiWay coming back to Ontario?

It looks like BiWay may not be making a comeback in Toronto after all. The iconic discount store that thrived in the 1980s was initially set to return in the fall of 2020 with a giant 15,000 sq ft space on Orfus Rd, but amid the founder Mal Coven’s passing last October, it never came to be.

What happened to BiWay?

BiWay was a chain discount store that sold surplus goods from other well-known brands that closed down in 2001, following Coven selling the chain in the late 1990s, according to Retail Insider. Coven planned on bringing BiWay back and reopening a store at 71-95 Orfus Rd. by Yorkdale Mall in fall 2020.

Is BiWay a Canadian company?

Hyped up since its reveal a few years ago, the return of the beloved Canadian discount chain BiWay is looking like it probably won’t happen after all. BiWay disappeared from the retail landscape when it shuttered its last 250 stores in 2001.

When did BiWay close down?

After selling the company in the late 1990’s, the Biway chain shuttered in 2001.

What happened to Bargain Harold’s?

Bargain Harolds was sold to K-Mart in 1985, and continued on well at first, but the parent company eventually sold its Canadian properties to Zellers in 1998.

Who owned BiWay?

Dylex Limited was one of Canada’s largest retailers during the 1970s and 1980s, where it operated a number of specialty retail stores, including women’s wear, men’s wear, and family stores, including BiWay, a large, and now defunct, Canadian discount chain. NBO Stores, Inc.

Does dylex exist?

In 1995, the company sought bankruptcy protection. In 2000, the company sold its Thriftys, Braemar and National Logistics divisions to American Eagle Outfitters. The remainder of the company were sold off by 2001.

Is BiWay store coming back?

It’s been confirmed that a BiWay store in Toronto will be making a comeback this fall, and everything will be under $10. The store will be located in a huge warehouse near Yorkdale Mall and is set to open in November 2020.

Who owned Bargain Harolds?

Harold Kamin, 82: Bargain Harold’s founder | The Star.

What happened consumer distributing?

Consumers Distributing aimed to reduce costs for customers by stocking merchandise in a warehouse-type stocking system instead of displaying them in a costly showroom….Consumers Distributing.

Type Private (1957–1969) Public (1969–1996)
Founder Jack Stupp
Defunct 1996
Fate Bankruptcy
Headquarters 6303 Airport Road Mississauga, Ontario , Canada

Who owned Biway?

Retail veteran Mal Coven says that he is launching his BIWAY $10 STORE concept in August (now November) of this year in a 15,000-square-foot retail space in Toronto. The store will be twice the size of a previously announced location that was supposed to open in the summer of 2019.

When did Consumers Distributing close in Ontario?

Aug. 9, 1996
9, 1996: Consumers Distributing closes the book on catalogue shopping. Customers who enjoyed catalogue shopping were disappointed when Consumers Distributing announced the closure of all 129 stores outside Ontario and Quebec.

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