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How to get to Toraja?

How to get to Toraja?

To get to Tana Toraja one must fly to Sultan Hasanuddin airport in Makassar, capital of the province of South Sulawesi. As a hub for East Indonesia there are many airlines flying to and from Makassar. The only way to Toraja from Makassar airport is overland. There are no flights between Makassar and Toraja.

What is Toraja famous for?

Torajans are famous for their elaborate funeral rites, burial sites carved into rocky cliffs, massive peaked-roof traditional houses known as tongkonan, and colorful wood carvings. Torajan funeral rites are major social events, usually attended by hundreds of people and last for several days.

What activities can you do in Tana Toraja Indonesia?

9 Things You Should Add to Your Must-Do List in Tana Toraja

  • 1 | Discover the Majestic Buntu Burake.
  • 2 | Have some Culinary Adventure.
  • 3 | Stop by at the Local Market.
  • 4 | Visit Gunung Nona Enrekang.
  • 5 | Make Way to Kete Kesu.
  • 6 | See the Sa’dan Weaving Center.
  • 7 | Take a Trip to Londa.
  • 8 | Travel to Bori Kalimbuang.

What is Toraja coffee?

Toraja Coffee from Sulawesi (Celebes) is a multi-dimensional coffee grown in the southeastern highlands and distinguished by its expansive flavor with a full-bodied richness.

Do people in Indonesia dig up their dead?

A family member cleans the preserved corpses of relatives during a traditional ritual called “Manene.” Families in a mountainous community on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island dig up their mummified relatives every three years, clean them and dress them in their favourite clothes to honour their spirits.

What is Toraja house?

The Toraja House has a unique shape that resembles the shape of a boat. This type of house is a pile-built structure with cantilevered roofs and eaves that are supported on freestanding posts located at the front and rear sides of the curved roof.

Where is Toraja coffee from?

Sulawesi Toraja coffee is grown at relatively high altitudes on the island of Sulawesi, which was formerly called Celebes (the Dutch colonial name), located in the middle of the Indonesia’s Malay archipelago. For this reason Toraja coffee is also known as Celebes.

Is Sulawesi coffee good?

The Sulawesi Coffee is medium roasted to retain its unique vitality and bring out its chocolate notes, while maintaining its excellent body and mildly sweet finish. Only available in limited quantities per year, the Sulawesi range is highly prized and well-sought in different countries worldwide.

Where do Toraja people live?

South Sulawesi, Indonesia
The Torajans are an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Their population is approximately 1,100,000, of whom 450,000 live in the regency of Tana Toraja (“Land of Toraja”).

Where is the Tongkonan House located?

Tongkonan is the traditional ancestral house, or rumah adat of the Torajan people, in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

What is Sulawesi coffee?

Sulawesi Coffee has a heavy body and creamy texture. This is a rare coffee grown by the ancient Toraja region coffee trees on the island of Sulawesi, located in Indonesia. It is also known as Celebes Kalossi Coffee because it’s grown on the Island of Celebes, the old Dutch name.