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How much travel does a COMMENCAL Meta have?

How much travel does a COMMENCAL Meta have?

140 mm
As far as the suspension design goes, the Meta TR 29 uses a linkage-driven single-pivot layout to provide 140 mm of rear travel. Depending on the build, you can pair that with a 150–160mm-travel fork.

How much does the COMMENCAL Meta weigh?

around 4.1kg
Commencal claims a Meta TR frame weighs around 4.1kg including the rear shock. Of course weight isn’t everything, but that’s a significant increase over its carbon counterparts, including the Canyon Spectral 29 CF (3kg), Specialized Stumpjumper EVO (2.75kg) and the Giant Trance X (2.5kg).

What country are COMMENCAL bikes made?

Anne-Caroline will once again be DH World Champion! COMMENCAL is becoming an international entity, as the sales in France (which are still growing) no longer represent the overall sales. No less than 30 countries import our bikes, directly from Taiwan where they are assembled and stocked.

Who makes COMMENCAL bike frames?

Max Commencal started making BMX bikes for SUNN in 1984. After 16 years with SUNN he stepped away in 2000 to start a new passion project Commencal Bikes.

Is Commencal Meta a good bike?

Commencal Meta AM 29 Team Replica Review It’s a bike for the toughest trails the world has to offer, yet it’s pleasantly agile and direct. However, it requires an active riding style, and it isn’t quick on climbs.

How does the COMMENCAL clash climb?

Commencal says it’s enhanced the uphill riding position by increasing the top-tube length and steepening the seat-tube angle. Top tube figures across the sizes only increase by between 2mm and 5mm, but the seat-tube angle has increased from 75.5 degrees to 77.2 degrees (or 77.1 in a size XL) across the range.

How does the commencal clash climb?

Is the canyon spectral a 29er?

For 2021, Canyon released an updated, 29er version of their Spectral Trail bike, with 160 mm front / 150 mm rear-wheel travel.

How do you pronounce COMMENCAL bikes?

seriously though, cuh-men-sal is the correct pronunciation.

Where is COMMENCAL located?

Commencal is based in the principality of Andorra, nestled away in the Pyrenees a stone’s throw from the World Cup track. The ground floor of the office is a showroom where riders can get a close up look at all of their products. Advertisements for the Supernormal, the first Commencal bike back in 2000.

Who is the owner of Commencal bikes?

Max Commencal is one of the most successful downhill mountain bike designers on the planet. As founder and head designer of Sunn bicycles, he helped Nicolas Vouilloz win 10 World Championship titles.

How do you pronounce Commencal bikes?