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How much does it cost to get GIA certified?

How much does it cost to get GIA certified?

between $150 to $300
How much does a Gia certificate cost. The GIA report lab charges between $150 to $300 for the diamond’s certificate. In order to certify your diamond with a GIA report, the cost depends on numerous factors such as the 4Cs factors, the type of diamond certificate, and other features for purchase.

How long does it take to get a diamond certified by GIA?

Send your diamond to the gemological lab of your choice and a trained professional will analyze and evaluate your diamond. Once they’ve accrued the relevant data about your diamond, you’ll receive a diamond grading report. On average, it takes about three weeks to get your diamond certified through GIA.

Do you get the GIA certificate when you buy a diamond?

GIA certification gives you independent unbiased scientific verification of the quality of the diamond you are purchasing. The quality differences in diamonds can be so subtle, even a jeweler can’t recognize them without lab verification. Insist that any diamond you buy come with GIA certification.

Can I send a diamond to GIA?

You can send your diamond to GIA for grading and analysis. Many consumers send the diamond through a retailer for packaging, shipping and insuring the item. A jeweler will have to remove your diamond from its setting, since GIA Diamond Grading Reports are only issued for unmounted stones.

Is a GIA certificate worth it?

If you have a fine diamond, one carat or larger, it is surely worth spending the money to have a GIA certificate issued. The cost, including shipping for a one carat diamond is normally around $200, but the certificate, if the diamond is better than an I1 clarity and better than a K color, is normally worth it.

Are Tiffany diamonds GIA certified?

Tiffany & Co. prides themselves in their craftsmanship for diamonds and their settings. They also happen to be GIA certified, considered of better quality and some of them have made history …

How do I send to GIA?

Submit A Gem

  1. Customer service:+1 800 421 7250.
  2. International: +1 760 603 4500.
  3. Email: Contact Us.
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Is GIA certified worth it?

Simple, it’s GIA. They have the best reputation for accurate diamond grading. A diamond with a GIA diamond report will command more money than a diamond graded by EGL USA. Not only when you buy it, but also should you ever decide to sell it, or trade it up.

Should I ask for GIA certification?

An independent lab report not only ensures you are getting what you pay for, but can provide an added layer of confidence when shopping for a diamond, engagement ring or wedding band. No matter what jeweler or retailer you shop at, ALWAYS ask to see the GIA Diamond Report before you buy!

Are there fake GIA certificates?

Every GIA certificate has a Report number associated with it. While people can fake certificates, they can’t fake the actual database’s information. Simply go to GIA Report Check and input the Report Number from the certificate to check for it’s authenticity.

What is the best diamond certificate to get?

GIA Certification. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most well-respected and renowned diamond grading entity. They are incredibly consistent and provide the greatest peace of mind when purchasing any diamond.

Which certification is best for diamond?

What are the best Diamond Certifications?

  1. GIA Certification. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most well-respected and renowned diamond grading entity.
  2. AGS Certification.
  3. IGI Certification.
  4. EGL Certification.
  5. HRD Certification.
  6. GSI Certification.