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How much does a house sitter cost UK?

How much does a house sitter cost UK?

House sitting rates While professional house sitting companies in the UK range from £18.50 to £33 per day, house sitters in Australia charge an average of $25 to $30 per day. This also increases to around $50 for an overnight stay.

Is house sitting a good idea?

Many people want to carve a new and more satisfying career but feel it’s too risky to leave a stable job when they’ve got rent or a mortgage to pay. House sitting is a great solution to keep costs down while you’re setting up a new business, writing a book, travelling the world or saving for a house deposit.

What is the best house sitting company to work for?

Here are our favorite Top 5 International House Sitting Websites we would recommend checking out for worldwide sits in 2021 (we cover country-based sites in item 3 below):

  • TrustedHousesitters.
  • Nomador.
  • HouseCarers.
  • MindMyHouse.
  • HouseSitMatch.

What does house sitting include?

The house sitter’s responsibilities include collecting and organizing homeowners’ mail, periodically turning house lights on and off, as well as monitoring surveillance footage to take note of and report any suspicious activity occurring around or outside of homeowners’ houses.

How much does a house sitter charge per day?

As a starting point to keep in mind, typical house sitting rates are in the $25-30/day range, more (around $50) for overnight stays. But this is just a ballpark. We suggest taking the time to calculate a number based on your own house sitting expectations and needs.

Do you get paid for house sitting?

If you’re thinking that you would like to housesit to make some extra money, turn away now. Because if you advertise your house sitting services with an online matching service such as mine, you won’t be paid a cent for your efforts.

What are the pitfalls of house sitting?

Con: the possibility of things going wrong These things can still go wrong, but when you’re house sitting there is another list of things that can go wrong: the pets getting sick, the boiler exploding, the internet router not working, and so on.

What should you not do when house sitting?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Housesitting

  1. Do Keep the House Clean. Cleanliness is just as important as taking care of someone’s pets.
  2. Do Love and Take Care of the Pets.
  3. Do Lock Up Everytime You Leave.
  4. Do Leave the Owners a Welcome Home Gift.
  5. Do Make the Bed.
  6. Don’t Raid Their Liquor Cabinet.
  7. Don’t Leave the Housesit Early.

How much can you earn from house sitting?

Pay for long-term house sitters starts at £10 a day with Housesitters. Plus, £7 food allowance and 40p per mile for fuel – both of which are non-taxable. Small additional amounts are available if you care for a dog or cat while house sitting. Homesitters pays an extra 33p a day for dog care.

Is there a house sitter app?

Your TrustedHousesitters App Use your app to explore the wonderful world of TrustedHousesitters whenever, wherever. With app-only features like extra search filters, alerts and favourites, it’s the easiest way to discover exciting sits or connect with sitters your pets will love.

Is it OK to have people over while house sitting?

“It is only acceptable for a house sitter to have guests over if they have them preapproved with the owner,” says Gottsman. “It’s a privacy issue, as well as a safety issue, if the owner does not know the uninvited guests.”