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How much do Rohl sinks cost?

How much do Rohl sinks cost?

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This item Rohl RC3018WH FIRECLAY KITCHEN SINKS, 30-Inch by 18-Inch by 10-Inch, White MOCCOA 33″ Venezia Fireclay Kitchen Sink, Reversible Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink White with Grid
Price $1,516.75 $649.00$649.00
Sold By ✅ HomePlumbing ✅ Moccoa

Are farmhouse sinks outdated?

92% of respondents in the 2018 Design Trends Study chose under-mount as the trendiest kitchen sink style. “However, farmhouse and single-bowl styles tied for second place, with 81% of respondents selecting these styles,” she explains, proving it’s still a trendy kitchen design accessory.

Are farmhouse sinks out of style 2021?

Single bowls will remain hot, but apron-front, or farmhouse, sinks will not be too far behind. The same goes for kitchen faucets: 42% of designers expect stainless to remain most popular, but black faucets come in second with 32% of designers believing the color will be most popular.

Where are Rohl sinks made?

Rohl’s line of Allia sinks are crafted in the prestigious Limoges region of France, an area known for its enamel and porcelain work dating back to the 19th century. The heavy clay used to craft these fireclay sinks is regionally sourced, bringing a touch of pure authenticity with every product they make.

What are fireclay sinks?

What is Fireclay? Fireclay is a mixture of clay and glaze that is fired at extremely high temperatures (1600-2200°F). Because of this process, fireclay is extremely durable. While the material looks very similar to enameled cast iron sinks, fireclay definitely has the edge over cast iron.

What is the new trend for kitchen sinks?

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Sinks Homeowners are opting for large, single-basin sinks rather than double sinks to make room for bulky pots and pans. The primary sink is often accompanied by a smaller prep sink. Image courtesy of Kohler Co.

Why are Rohl sinks so expensive?

Because of the imports and quality of the products, Rohl sinks can be costly.