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How many links does a KMC X10 chain have?

How many links does a KMC X10 chain have?

116 links

Manufacturer part # CN10323 CN10361
Links 116 links 116 links
Speed 10 10
Connection type Masterlink Masterlink
Material Steel Steel

What size is a KMC chain?

The KMC Chains’ have a reputation for their durability and compatibility with 8 speeds and measure around ½” x 3/32″ with 116 links. They are also known renowned for their inaudibility and smooth gear shifting response.

Are KMC X10 chains directional?

All KMC chains are non-directional. In fact, the 2013 design of the X10 is asymmetrical, but still non-directional.

Does KMC make good chains?

Is Kmc a Good Brand of Chain? KMC have a great reputation for making some of the most durable, lightweight and smooth shifting chains around. However, their chains do have a high price tag compared to their Shimano counterpart.

How many links are in a KMC chain?

Registered. New 10 speed KMC chains are delivered with 112 links.

How many links does a mountain bike chain have?

A new bicycle chain usually comes with 116 links. This is long enough for the biggest chainrings and for most distances of rear wheel from front chainrings. So for optimal length a new chain is usually shortened from the 116 links that come in the box.

Can I use a Shimano quick link on a KMC chain?

Yes, both KMC X9SL and X10SL are compatible with Sram, Shimano, and Campy equivalent chains.

How do I know my bike chain size?

Add the multiplied chainstay length, the divided number of teeth for the chainring and rear sprocket, and add 1 (or 2.5 cm). The result is the ideal chain length for your bike. For example, you’d add 32.5, 13, 7 and 1 to get 53.5. The length of the chain should be 53.5 inches or 135.89 cm.

Which way round does a KMC chain go?

The newer ones are not(like CN9000). Basically if there is a slot cut in the one side of side plate then the chain is directional and the slot goes on the outside.

Which way does a KMC chain go on?

While some bike chains are directional, most aren’t. For instance, Shimano chains tend to be directional while SRAM, KMC, Campagnolo chains are non-directional. Directional components usually have logos facing outwards on one of the side plates.

How long does a KMC chain last?

“It can vary between 3,000km to 8,000km generally speaking, but it could be less or even more in some cases.” First, you need to replace your chain when you spot any damage (a deformation or crack). You should also check your chain regularly to see if it has worn to the point that you need to change it.

How can you tell a real KMC chain?

We can tell if we get good pictures of the chain and of the packaging, both front and rear side. Note that we can’t handle it if all KMC customers send us photos and ask if their chains are genuine or not. Please buy at your local bike shop only or at a trusted online bike shop.