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How many goals did Messi score in 2009 season?

How many goals did Messi score in 2009 season?

On 16 May, Messi completed the 2009–10 as the Pichichi Throphy and the European Golden Shoe winner with 34 league goals.

How high did Messi jump in 2009?

Messi beat Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand in the air to head the ball in the net during the Champions League final in 2009. Let’s do some maths: Messi’s leap was estimated to be at 1.04 metres which makes the total height of his jump up to 2.74 metres.

Who scored in 2009 UCL final?

Samuel Eto’o opened the scoring in the 10th minute, and Lionel Messi added another goal 20 minutes from the end to earn Barcelona a historic treble of La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League, a feat never before achieved by a Spanish club. The match was refereed by Swiss referee Massimo Busacca.

Who knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League 2010?

Internazionale won 3–1 on aggregate.

What did Messi win in 2010?

the Ballon d’Or
La Masia, the FC Barcelona academy, achieved a record breaking honor in becoming the first youth academy ever to have all three finalists for the Ballon d’Or in one same year, with Lionel Messi, Andrés Iniesta and Xavi. Messi won the award, his second consecutive Ballon d’Or victory.

Can Messi jump high?

Lionel Messi is something different… easily the greatest header of the ball of all time. His vertical leap reached as high as 41.1inches for a midget who is 5″7… more than LeBron James.

Who has the highest jump in football history?

Ronaldo was measured to jump 8.39 ft, which was higher than the height of the crossbar (8 ft). This magnificent feat has also led many to claim that Ronaldo’s jump is as good as an average NBA basketball player and his “air time” after jumping is like that of NBA great Michael Jordan.

Who knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League 2008?

Barcelona won 6–3 on aggregate. (a.e.t.) Arsenal 1–1 Roma on aggregate. Arsenal won 7–6 on penalties….Second leg.

Panathinaikos 1–2 Villarreal
Mantzios 55′ Report Ibagaza 49′ Llorente 70′

Who won CL in 2010?

Inter Milan2009–10 UEFA Champions League / Champion

Who won the 2011 El Clasico?

Real Madrid Barcelona
2011 Copa del Rey Final

Event 2010–11 Copa del Rey
Real Madrid Barcelona 1 0
After extra time
Date 20 April 2011
Venue Mestalla, Valencia