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How many funnels does the Qubeley have?

How many funnels does the Qubeley have?

The Qubeley stores 10 funnels in a funnel container located in its movable rear armor. These funnels are technological descendants of the Elmeth’s remote-controlled bits.

What is a funnel in Gundam?

Funnel. A Funnel is essentially a funnel-shaped drone units that are designed to be remotely controlled by a Newtype pilot. It is equipped with a small beam cannon, and an energy cell to propel the funnel when it is operating.

Where did Elpeo ple’s name come from?

Her name is a pun on the title of a Japanese manga magazine titled Lemon People, which was often referred to as “L People”. Ple is one of the known early anime characters that is based on the lolicon concept.

How many funnels does the Kshatriya have?

twenty-four funnels
The Kshatriya is armed with twenty-four funnels for all-range attacks. Each funnel possesses a beam gun that is capable of melting an enemy mobile suit’s armor. Six are stored within each of the Kshatriya’s four wings/binders, and are remotely controlled primarily through use of the Psycho-Frame equipped cockpit.

How old is Ple?

Ple Two (プルツー – sometimes translated as Puru Two) is a Cyber Newtype believed to be around 10 years old.

Was Arjuna a Kshatriya?

The most famous Kshatriya is Arjuna, the main character of a book of Hindu scripture called the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna is a great warrior who is helped in battle by a god named Krishna.

Which caste is Raju?

The Raju caste, which A. Satyanarayana calls the “locally dominant landed gentry”, claims Kshatriya status in the varna system despite there being “no real Kshatriya varna” in the Andhra region. Raju is a Telugu language variant of the Sanskrit title Raja, a term for a monarch or princely ruler.

What is the ZZ Gundam team?

Now sporting a line-up of the behemoth ZZ Gundam and the returning Zeta Gundam, Gundam Mk-II and the Hyaku Shiki, the group is nicknamed the Gundam Team. As such, this became the first of a number of Gundam series where a team of Gundam mobile suits fight alongside each other regularly. The climax takes place at Side 3 in the Battle of Axis.

What is the Gundam wiki?

Welcome to the Gundam Wiki . The Gundam resource center that anyone can edit. 8,170 articles since January 9, 2005. This is not a role playing site, it is a resource center.

Who are the Zeta Gundam characters in ZZ?

Out of the major Zeta Gundam characters, only recurring captain Bright Noa and Axis leader Haman Karn make more than cameo appearances in ZZ; Char Aznable ‘s planned appearance was canceled when Tomino was given the go-ahead to do the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack movie.

What is Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ?

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ was originally conceived of as a second season of Zeta Gundam, but it was ultimately decided that the show should feature an all-new cast, Tomino originally wanted Char as the main character, but he received the “okay” on Char’s Counterattack.