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How many episodes was Guinan in?

How many episodes was Guinan in?

29 episodes
Guinan appears in 29 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, five episodes of Star Trek: Picard and in two theatrical films, Generations (1994) and Nemesis (2002).

Is Guinan in Picard season 2?

The Season 2 premiere of “Picard” wastes little time in bringing Goldberg back as Guinan, with a lovely scene in which the two old friends throw back some strong hooch in Guinan’s bar on Earth, as she attempts to soothe Picard’s wounded psyche.

What episode does Q meet Guinan?

Q Who
Q Who

“Q Who”
Original air date May 8, 1989
Guest appearances
John de Lancie – Q Lycia Naff – Ens. Sonia Gomez Colm Meaney – Miles O’Brien Whoopi Goldberg – Guinan
Episode chronology

When did Picard first meet Guinan?

Aboard the USS Enterprise-D The circumstances of Guinan’s first meeting with Picard are detailed in the Star Trek: Stargazer novel Oblivion, which includes the two of them confronting Enabran Tain, father of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character Elim Garak.

How many episodes of Star Trek was Whoopi Goldberg in?

Goldberg appeared in 29 episodes over the seven-season run of “TNG,” including some of the most beloved “TNG” episodes of all time — “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” “The Best of Both Worlds” and “I, Borg” — as well as the feature films “Star Trek: Generations” and “Star Trek: Nemesis.”

Why did Guinan not remember Picard?

As the showrunner, Terry Matalas has explained, “This Guinan wouldn’t remember Picard because in this alternate timeline, the TNG story ‘Time’s Arrow’ never happened. Because there was no Federation, those events did not play out the same. No previous relationship exists.

How is Guinan on Earth in 2024?

Both The Next Generation and Picard never reveal precisely how old Guinan is, but she’s several centuries old in all iterations, including in this new 2024 version. In “Watcher,” Jean-Luc finds Guinan packing up her bar, getting ready to leave Earth forever.

Is Guinan immortal?

The season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Picard confirmed the simplest theories about why Q (John de Lancie) and Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) look older considering they are both essentially immortal.

Why did Guinan not recognize Picard?

Is Guinan a time traveler?

Pre-existing Trek canon established Guinan as a traveling El-Aurian, an alien who slowly ages. Both The Next Generation and Picard never reveal precisely how old Guinan is, but she’s several centuries old in all iterations, including in this new 2024 version.

Did Guinan meet Picard in Times arrow?

This latter point would not be a problem of course, except that TNG fans all remember the 2-part episode “Time’s Arrow,” when Picard traveled back to the late 1800s and met Guinan (and author Mark Twain).

Who are the characters in Star Trek Next Generation?

Recycled Script: He is derived from the character Xon from the cancelled Star Trek: Phase 2.

  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Justified Trope.
  • Skunk Stripe: A flash-forward to the future (“All Good Things…”) shows Data with a glaringly-obvious streak of grey hair,an attempt to make himself feel older and distinguished.
  • The Smart Guy
  • Was Mae Jemison in Star Trek The Next Generation?

    Shortly after returning to Earth, Jemison went to fictional space doing a cameo as a transporter operator on Star Trek, The Next Generation. Look for her in season 6 in the episode “Second Chances.” After returning from space, she formed the Jemison Group to develop and market advanced technologies. Titus Sanders

    When is Star Trek Next Generation?

    Speaking of Pike, actor Anson Mount, who first embodied the character in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 and reprises him for the spin-off, told reporters the fan response to the character has been “surprising and deeply encouraging” and a career highlight.

    Why was Q afraid of Guinan in Star Trek?

    They seem to be on a higher level of evolution than their galactic neighbors, and possibly the next in line to “ascend” into a higher plane, which may be why the Q fear them, and why the Borg tried to wipe them out instead of assimilating them.