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How many blown saves did the Phillies have in 2008?

How many blown saves did the Phillies have in 2008?

But for Lidge, failure in the form of a blown save was absent in 2008: He notched 48 saves in 48 chances, including the clinching game of the World Series. Except for blowing a save in the All-Star Game — Lidge’s quirky halftime break of sorts — he was Mr. Perfect.

What was the Phillies roster in 2008?

2008 Philadelphia Phillies

2008 Philadelphia Phillies 2008 Philadelphia Phillies Official Logo Complete Roster
Roster Schedule Hitting Pitching Fielding Statmaster
9 Tadahito Iguchi 185
11 Jimmy Rollins 175
26 Chase Utley 195

What game did the Phillies win the World Series in 2008?

2008 World Series (4–1): Philadelphia Phillies (NL) beat Tampa Bay Rays (AL).

When did the Phillies clinch in 2008?

The team finished with a regular season record of 92–70, first in the National League East. In the postseason, the Phillies won the World Series; this was the first major sports championship for Philadelphia since the 76ers swept the 1983 NBA Finals….2008 Philadelphia Phillies season.

2008 Philadelphia Phillies
Manager(s) Charlie Manuel

What happened to Brad Lidge in 2009?

Lidge blew three save attempts in May of 2009. A stint on the injured list with a right knee sprain limited him to just four save attempts in June, but he blew two of those. July was the only month of the 2009 season that Lidge didn’t blow a save, but he still posted a 5.91 ERA in 10.2 innings that month.

Which team has the most blown saves?

Teams with solid bullpens generally are the ones with the best MLB World Series odds and the teams who will advance deep in October. Here’s a breakdown of the most blown saves in MLB as of April 19….Most Blown Saves in MLB 2022.

Team Blown Saves Save Opportunities
Red Sox 9 15
Blue Jays 8 21
White Sox 7 20
Padres 6 20

Who won 2008 World Series?

Philadelphia Phillies2008 World Series / Champion

Which Philadelphia Phillies pitcher hit a homerun in the 2008 World Series?

Pitcher Joe Blanton
Pitcher Joe Blanton hit one of the most improbably home runs in World Series history.

Who did the Tampa Bay Rays lose to in the World Series?

Since then, the Rays have played in the postseason six more times, winning the American League pennant again in 2020 and losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers in that year’s World Series.

Who won WS in 2008?

Who broke Brad Lidge?

Albert Pujols
And with the St. Louis Cardinals, there is Albert Pujols breaking Brad Lidge. Most of the story which has been retold countless times for coming up on sixteen years is accurate.

What is Brad Lidge doing now?

Since Brad Lidge retired back in 2013, he’s kept busy enough. He has a radio show. He’s a special assistant to the Phillies’ front office. He’s best buds with Carlos Ruiz.