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How do you use a pull quote magazine?

How do you use a pull quote magazine?

How to Use Pull Quotes

  1. Keep Pull Quotes Brief and to the Point.
  2. Keep Pull Quotes Visually Short.
  3. Make Pull Quotes Stand Apart From the Accompanying Text.
  4. Do Not Place the Pull Quote Too Close to the Text Quoted.
  5. Be Consistent With the Style Used for Pull Quotes.
  6. Keep Pull Quotes Away From Competing Design Elements.

What is a pull quote in a magazine layout?

In graphic design, a pull quote (also known as a lift-out pull quote) is a key phrase, quotation, or excerpt that has been pulled from an article and used as a page layout graphic element, serving to entice readers into the article or to highlight a key topic.

Where do you put pull quotes in an article?

Pull quotes can be placed on top of a page, sit within the grid, between columns, or break out of the grid totally. They can be enclosed in a black or colored box, be separated from the text with a box or rules, or just “float” in a designated space or column.

Does a pull quote have to be in the article?

Pull quotes are placed not within, but next to the content. Such quotes are usually short and don’t provide any additional information as they can also be found in the article.

Should pull quotes be before or after?

The pull quote should always precede its appearance in body text.

How do you use Blockquotes?

blockquote HTML: Main Tips

  1. The HTML element indicates that content is a quotation.
  2. When a quotation is inside the rest of the text, use the element.
  3. You should apply the HTML element when it is necessary to separate a quote from the remaining text.

What is a Liftout quote in journalism?

A pull quote, or lift-out quote as it is also known, is a quote from within a larger piece of text that is somewhat emphasized and “pulled out” and placed in an isolated area within the document to highlight a particular quote or section of writing.

Does a pull quote go before or after the quote?

It makes no sense to place a pull quote next to, or after, the text from which it comes. For instance, it’s silly to see a pull quote toward the end of a success story when that particular quote came early in the story. With that placement, it’s just filling space. It’s useless.

What is pull out in newspaper?

In a newspaper or magazine, a pull-out is a section which you can remove easily and keep.

How do you block quote in legal writing?


  1. Block quotations start on their own line.
  2. The entire block quotation is indented 0.5 inches, the same as the indentation for a new paragraph, and is double spaced.
  3. Block quotations are not surrounded by any quotation marks.
  4. The punctuation at the end of the block quotation goes before the citation.

How do you markdown a quote?

To create a blockquote, start a line with greater than > followed by an optional space. Blockquotes can be nested, and can also contain other formatting. To keep the quote together, blank lines inside the quote must contain the > character.