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How do you RMA an Intel CPU?

How do you RMA an Intel CPU?

The process is quite simple. You ship the defective unit (CPU and HSF) to Intel. Once they receive and inspect it, they will ship you the replacement. It takes about 10 business days to get your CPU back from the date you ship the defective one.

Is my Intel CPU under warranty?

You can use the online warranty information page to find out if you have a boxed or a tray processor. Get the full or partial serial number (full or partial ATPO) from either the markings on the processor or from the shipping box. On the tool, in the Product Type dropdown, select Processor. Click Check products.

Does Intel processor have international warranty?

You can claim warranty globally for Intel® Boxed Processors except in Australian, China, and India. Those countries have country-specific warranty policies for Intel Boxed Processors.”

How do I check my CPU warranty?

Use the Warranty Information Center. Follow the steps below: Choose Product Type. Choose Processor….How to check the warranty status of Intel® Processor

  1. Choose Product Type.
  2. Choose Processor.
  3. Enter the batch number (FPO) and the full serial number (ATPO) in their corresponding fields.
  4. Click Check Products.

What is RMA in computer?

RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. It is the procedure for returning faulty hardware for repair or replacement.

Do Intel processors need registration?

The Register a Product page is only for registering software development products. Registration is not required to claim warranty or technical support for other Intel products such as: Intel® NUC Kits and Mini PCs.

How long is Intel processor warranty?

Intel Boxed Processors typically carry a three-year limited warranty that can be fulfilled by Intel (some carry a one-year limited warranty). The warranty eligibility period starts on the original purchase date and doesn’t reset if Intel provides a product replacement.

How do I check my Intel warranty?

  1. You need two numbers ready:
  2. Go to Warranty Information Tool.
  3. Choose Processor under Product Type.
  4. Enter the Batch Number and the full or partial serial number (ATPO) in their corresponding fields.
  5. Click Check products.
  6. The tool will display the Estimated Warranty Expiration, and the number of the boxed processor.

Can I register my Intel CPU?

You can register your serial numbers on the Intel Registration Center. If you are already signed in, go to Serial Number, enter your serial number, and then select Register. If you are not signed in, enter your email address and serial number, and then select Register Product.

How long is warranty on Intel processors?

What is RMA quality?

Return material authorization (RMA) is an arrangement in which the supplier of a good or product agrees to have a customer ship the item back to them in exchange for a refund or credit due to a product defect or malfunction.

Does RMA cost money?

RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization. So that basically means you have been authorized to return the merchandise in questions. It does not mean its free or cost money. It simply means you received authorization to return it, typically they will give you a unique number to authenticate the authorization.