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How do you get out of the lab in x18?

How do you get out of the lab in x18?

You’ll need to use your weapons to kill the thing that’s in the room with you. When it’s dead, the door will unlock. If you still can’t figure it out: It looks like bullets would pass through it but it’s actually got a hitbox you can damage.

How do I get into the lab x8 stalker?

Underground. The quickest way to get through the Lab’s underground is the elevator shaft located near the entrance to the lab. In order to use this shortcut, you must jump onto the ladder inside of the shaft, and climb down. This will give you access to every floor of the lab, including the bottom floor.

How do you get out of the underground lab in stalker?

You can leave the way you came, go to the front of the building where there’s an opening you can jump out of, or head for the target on your PDA. It really doesn’t matter, but when you exit, the mission is complete.

How do you escape the lab X16?

Getting out of X16 When you drop down move towards the east and you’ll come upon another hole and some metal boxes nearby – be sure to break these as they contain a number of goodies, including the still rare 9x39mm ammunition. Head down the next hole and you’ll come to a level transition.

How do you get a brain scorcher?

The entrance to the lab is hidden in a very large and well defended base. The external base has only two entrances; the road to the main entrance is guarded by a Monolith sniper. The other entrance is a blown out wall surrounded by radiation levels that are off the charts.

How many files are in lab X8 Call of Pripyat?

six documents
There are six documents in all, and with each find you get a message, Laboratory X8: leave the underground complex or continue looking for documents.

How many files are in a lab X8?

What does the wish granter say?

Come to me. You will get what you deserve.

How do I get to Lab x19?

Inside Lab X-19, going down the stairwell leading to the lower floor will lead to a room with a numerical keypad next to a locked door. The combination for the door is 342089.

How many documents are there in X8?

Where is monolith control center?

the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
The Monolith Control Center (MCC for short, also known as the Secret Lab) is a secret lab in the depths of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, accessible to player only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

How do I turn off my brain scorcher anomaly?

  1. Acquiring the Mission. Complete the Find the documents in X16 lab task to receive the Turn off the Brain Scorcher mission.
  2. Overview.
  3. Mission: Reach the antennae.
  4. Mission: Find the entrance to the control bunker.
  5. Mission: Deactivate the machine.
  6. Notes.
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Where can I find a stalker in X18?

The starting point is on the top floor of X18. You’ll be able to find a dead stalker close by and once you’ve looted him head down the stairs to the north (taking you down to the middle floor). His body may also be used for stashing purposes.

How did the stalkers get into the lab?

The surviving staff members locked themselves out of the main hall by a series of large coded doors. Eventually, their experiments reached them through the piping, and killed them off. Later, Stalkers began venturing into the laboratory for any treasures that may remain there.

What is the X18 laboratory?

This is a very unusual place. X18 laboratory is a small underground map, very similiar to Agroprom Sewers level. Sadly, you won’t be able to use any minimaps, however there is only one path leading to your final destination, so it’s going to be very hard to get lost.

Where can I find the X-18 code?

You should ask in the COC chat room, That’s the code for the Monolith War Lab I believe, the codes for X-18 are 1243 and 9524 for the first and second doors respectively. You’ve tried both 1243 and 9524?