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How do I use sectioning in CATIA V5?

How do I use sectioning in CATIA V5?

To gain access to the Sectioning tool, CATIA users will need to add the Sectioning tool into their 3DCS workbench. With a model open, start the Sectioning tool. The Sectioning Definition will appear. In the Positioning tab, the user can specify the section plane direction in either X, Y, Z directions.

How do I Section A section in CATIA?

Creating 3D Section Cuts

  1. Select Insert > Sectioning from the menu bar, or click Sectioning in the DMU Space Analysis toolbar and create a section plane.
  2. In the Definition tab, click Volume Cut to obtain a section cut:

How do I cut parts in CATIA V5?

Cutting the Part by the Sketch Plane

  1. Double-click Sketch. 2 from the geometry.
  2. Move the sketch so that you can see the whole part.
  3. Click Cut Part by Sketch Plane from the Visualization toolbar.

What is sectioning view in CATIA?

Sectioning command (Figure 1) it is available in Assembly Module of CATIA V5 and works for at least one part (with other words, if you want to make a section for one part, you can insert this part in a product to make some sections). This command it is available in Space Analysis Toolbar.

How do I cut a view in Catia?

Creating an Offset Section View / Cut

  1. In the Drawing window, click Offset Section View in the Views toolbar ( Sections sub-toolbar). If desired, you can also click Offset Section Cut .
  2. Create the first point of the profile.
  3. Choose the constraint.
  4. Double-click to end the cutting profile creation.

How do I create a section view?

A full section view is generated by running the cutting plane through the entire length of the object being sectioned.

  1. Click Layout tab Create View panel Section drop-down Full.
  2. Click the view you want to use as the parent view.
  3. Click in the drawing area to indicate the start point of the section line.

How do you use split Catia?

CATPart document.

  1. Click Split . The Split Definition dialog box appears.
  2. Select the element to be split. You should make your selection by clicking on the portion that you want to keep after the split.
  3. Select the cutting element. A preview of the split appears.
  4. Click OK to split the element.

How do you cut surfaces in Catia?

A standard, two-surface split is relatively straightforward to build. Fire up the command, pick the surface that is to be cut down, then click the items that will be used to cut it.

What is master section in Catia V5?

SOFTWARE : CATIA V5. INTRODUCTION : Master sections are the guides for design requirements which decide the component packaging after technical (Styling, Concept or Class-A) surfaces.

How do you make stiffener in Catia V5?

This task shows you how to create a stiffener by specifying creation directions. Open the Stiffener. CATPart document. Select the profile to be extruded, that is Sketch….

  1. Click Stiffener .
  2. Uncheck the Neutral Fiber option.
  3. Check the Neutral Fiber option again.
  4. Enter 12 as the thickness value.
  5. Click OK .