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How do I tell what year my Evinrude outboard is?

How do I tell what year my Evinrude outboard is?

Evinrude outboard engines have a serial number label that is located on the transom bracket. Serial number labels will reference the date of manufacture for the engine by providing visibility of the month and year the engine was produced.

Why did Evinrude shut down?

According to BRP’s president and CEO José Boisjoli, “Our outboard engines business has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, obliging us to discontinue production of our outboard motors immediately. This business segment had already been facing some challenges and the impact from the current context has forced our hand.”

How much does a 50 hp Evinrude weight?


Type of Engine 2-Stroke
Horse Power 50
Configuration In-line
Weight 240.00lbs
Fuel Type Gasoline

Is Evinrude ETEC 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

The technology is considered 2-Stroke, Direct Injection. Evinrude E-TEC in fact, has cleaner exhaust emissions than a 4-stroke, it produces 5 to 10 times less Carbon Monoxide (CO) while idling or trolling.

How do I decode my Evinrude serial number?

An eight-character model number indicates an engine made between 1999 and the present. Evinrude corresponds a number with each letter, such that I corresponds to 1, N is 2, T is 3, R is 4, O is 5, D is 6, U is 7, C is 8, E is 9 and S is 0; a code of SS, for example, would indicate an engine made in 2000.

What year is my outboard motor?

Go to the motor and look on the motor’s swivel bracket for an embossed, metalized tag or plate that has the name of the motor’s manufacturer boldly stamped at its top. This manufacturer’s tag also shows the year the motor was built, or the model year on all motors except Honda.

Can you still buy new Evinrude outboards?

Evinrude outboard motors will no longer be manufactured. The boating world received shocking and surprising news. One of the world’s leaders in outboard motor manufacturing will no longer exist.

Can you still get Evinrude parts?

Yes, we will continue to supply customers service parts as needed and honor our manufacturer limited warranty coverage and extended service contracts.

How fast does a 50hp boat go?

Depending on the type of boat and its weight, 50 hp can power you along at between 15 and 47 miles per hour. 50 hp may not seem like much, but if you are in a low-weight racing boat, you may be surprised by how far it can get you.

What is the lightest 50 hp outboard motor?

The Honda BF 50 is the lightest fifty-horsepower, 4-stroke engine in the world. The new erogonomically designed center mounted tiller handle provides ease of operation and improved handling.

Are Evinrude Etecs reliable?

Not great, but very, very good. For the most part, the engine has always started reliably, and runs like a clock. Over the last 10 years, we’ve only had two problems that can be attributed to manufacturing or design issues: One fuel injector failed under warranty.