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How do I get analytics from Yammer?

How do I get analytics from Yammer?

View group insights in Yammer

  1. In a browser, go to and navigate to a group.
  2. Find the Group Actions section on the right side of the page and click the View Group Insights link under it.
  3. The Group Insights page appears.

Is Microsoft discontinuing Yammer?

Microsoft to discontinue Yammer Enterprise in favour of Office 365 Groups. Microsoft has released new information on how it plans to integrate Office 365 Groups into its enterprise-focused social network Yammer.

What is Yammer good for?

Yammer helps you connect and engage across your organization, so you can discuss ideas, share updates, and network with others.

Is Yammer a social media?

Yammer is a unique social networking service designed with enterprise communication in mind. Yammer was created by a company called Geni with the sole purpose of helping employees connect and communicate across their organization.

What is Yammer API?

The Yammer REST API enables message posting, feed access, and many other capabilities. It supports both Yammer OAuth 2 (legacy) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) tokens.

How do you see who follows you on Yammer?

Just click on your name and you will see it.

What is replacing Yammer?

Yammer as part of the Microsoft 365 super-team Yammer profiles are now just Microsoft 365 profiles with the same People card interface.

Does anyone use Yammer anymore?

You would be forgiven for thinking the platform had gone underground given the recent focus on Microsoft Teams and Viva. And in some ways Yammer has gone underground. It now acts as the engine room behind Viva Connections and increasingly is accessed through other Microsoft 365 tools like Outlook and Teams Channels.

What replaced Yammer?

How is Yammer different than Teams?

While Yammer is more focused on connection, Teams is mainly intended for the functional exchange of information and documents. In other words: social versus practical. Yammer focuses on ‘slow communication’. You post a message and you can expect responses within a few days.

How is Yammer different from Facebook?

Yammer is a private enterprise social networking solution that enables employees to collaborate securely across time and… Workplace from Facebook is a simple and secure way for people to share knowledge, work together and build connected communities.

How do I use Yammer API?

The API we are going to use is the Yammer REST API….Register an app

  1. Log in as a verified admin to your Yammer network.
  2. Register a new application. You can put a fake address to the Expected redirect URL.
  3. Once registered generate a developer token for this application.

What is a Yammer network?

This article describes Yammer networks, groups, and users, which together serve as a foundation for providing you with a rich Yammer experience within SharePoint. Yammer supports both internal and external networks.

What are Yammer Community Insights and trends?

Community insights also show you how activities are trending over time. The visualized trends show the contributions to activity of the community, to help you track engagement with content from campaigns or initiatives hosted on Yammer, report back to leaders, and optimize efforts.

How to use Yammer for learning?

Yammer is a knowledge-sharing platform. Simply go to their profiles to meet new people and learn more about them. To make the research process easier, everyone can share their skills, titles, and roles. 8. Use the Yammer Communities app

How do I search for a specific person in Yammer?

You’re probably aware that Yammer, like Facebook and LinkedIn, has a search feature. The app creates an online home where users can store files, documents, manuals, images, how-to videos, and other useful data. To find colleagues, chats, and important content, use the search bar.