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How do I dial an Australian mobile number?

How do I dial an Australian mobile number?

+61Australia / Dialing code
To call an Australian mobile number, dial +61 followed by the mobile number (omitting the first zero in the mobile number). 0011 is the international dial out code unique to Australia. It will not work overseas, so you need to dial + instead. Most mobile phones use + as the international dial out code.

How do I dial a +61 number?

Dial the international access code, Australia’s country code of 61, the area code minus the leading zero, then the remainder of the number. Dial the international access code, Australia’s country code of 61, then the full number minus the leading zero. These numbers are often not accessible from overseas.

What is the pin code of Australia?

Or Find the place

Country State Zipcode
Australia Australian Capital Territory 2612
Australia Australian Capital Territory 2600
Australia Australian Capital Territory 2601
Australia Australian Capital Territory 2609

How many digit is Australia phone number?

10 digits
The international country code for Australia is 61 and phone numbers within Australia usually have 10 digits – 2 for the area code and 8 for the number. A typical Sydney number might be listed as (02) 9876 5432.

How many digits do Australian mobile numbers have?

ten digits
Mobile numbers are written in the form of ten digits in length, since when dialed within Australia, the trunk code 0 must be included, plus 4, which indicates the service required is a mobile number. Mobile numbers are conventionally written 04xx xxx xxx.

How can I call Australia for free from UK?

If your landline or mobile tariff includes calls 0870 numbers, you can call make FREE calls to Australia. Simply dial the access number and at the prompt dial the Australia number starting with 0061, followed by the national number.

Does Australia have zip code?

Postcodes in Australia have four digits and are placed at the end of the Australian address, before the country. Postcodes were introduced in Australia in 1967 by the Postmaster-General’s Department and are now managed by Australia Post, Australia’s national postal service.

How do you write an address to Australia?

Australian Address Format

  1. Underneath the name of the business/person, comes the street address.
  2. After the street address, the city, state and postal code should all appear together on one line.
  3. The country name: Australia should be added on the last line and it should be in block capitals.

How can I call to Australia?

How to Call Australia from the US

  1. First, dial 011, the US exit code.
  2. Next, dial 61, the country code for Australia.
  3. Then dial the 1-digit area code-See below for a list of all the area codes in Australia.
  4. Finally, dial the 8-digit phone number.

What numbers do I put in front of a mobile number to call Australia?

Example. For mobile numbers: start with a plus sign ‘+’ and add the country code (’61’ for Australia) omit the first ‘0’

What is code for Australia from UK?

61 61
How the number is composed

Number Comments
00 00 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of United Kingdom.
61 61 is the international code used to dial to Australia.
2 2 is the local area or city code used to dial to Sydney. (The entered number already included the area code)

What’s my area code Australia?

The Australian country code is 61. When calling from outside Australia, leave out the leading ‘0’ from the STD area code or from the mobile telephone number. The outgoing IDD access code from within Australia is 0011.