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Does Sharp make all microwave drawers?

Does Sharp make all microwave drawers?

Sharp is first on my list because they make all of the microwave drawers. There are several brands who have a microwave drawer, but they are all made by Sharp. Sharp holds several patents on its design, so there are only slight differences in the appearance of the front panel and features in other brands.

What are the dimensions of a Sharp microwave drawer?

26.19 x 23.88 x 15.41 inches
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Installation Type Built-In
Capacity 1.2 Cubic Feet
Item Dimensions LxWxH 26.19 x 23.88 x 15.41 inches
Item Weight 74 Pounds

What is the standard size of a microwave drawer?

Two common sizes for microwave drawers are 24-inch and 30-inch models. A standard microwave drawer application involves the microwave drawer trim to overlap the cabinetry’s stiles and rails. A 24-inch microwave drawer has a top overlay of 3/8-inch, a bottom overlap of 1/8-inch and a side overlap of 1-inch.

Are all microwave drawers the same size?

Across all brands, there are two sizes of microwave drawer available regarding the exterior width, but the interior measurements are the same. Outside width: 24-inches or 30-inches are the main choices 24″ being the most popular size.

Where are sharp microwave drawers made?

Memphis plant
Sharp owns several patents for the microwave drawer and produces private label versions for several other high-end appliance brands nationwide — all in the Memphis plant.

What type of microwave goes in a cabinet?

Built-in microwaves can be installed into a wall or cabinet for convenient operation. With a similar capacity to other microwave styles, the built-in design has the advantages of saving counter space and being able to be installed away from the range, allowing multiple people more space to cook together.

How deep is the Sharp microwave drawer?

23 1/2″ Deep
A: The installation instructions for the 24″ Microwave Drawer are 22 1/8″ Wide, 23 1/2″ Deep, and 14 13/16″ High. In addition, the installed front of the microwave drawer is 15″ High and 23 7/8″ Wide. Therefore, the depth of your cabinet (22 3/4″) does not meet the minimum requirement for installation of this unit.

What is the difference between SMD2470ASY and SMD2470AS?

The SMD2470AH is a 2017 model and is black stainless steel. A: Hello Steve, a flush mount kit is required when you are flush mounting the unit. If you are doing a regular installation, this is not required. A: Hello, the SMD2470AS was released in 2014 while the SMD2470ASY is a 2016 model.

How deep is a Sharp microwave drawer?

Do you need a special cabinet for a drawer microwave?

Microwave Drawers – If you want the microwave in island look, you’ll need to purchase a microwave drawer. A drawer microwave fits under the counter in a lower cabinet.

Why are microwave drawers so expensive?

First, the technology is patented to SHARP – which means they can charge an expensive price without competition. Second, the parts are very unique and expensive. Especially since microwave drawers are the only type of microwave without a turntable. And third, because they use very high-quality parts.

How do I choose a microwave drawer?

Space planning is key when it comes to any kitchen installation, so take the time to choose the right size drawer style microwave for your configuration. As you shop, take note of the height, width, and depth of the drawer microwave oven, as well as of the interior capacity inside the appliance.

What sizes do sharp microwave drawers come in?

Available in 24-inch and 30-inch widths. Accessories available (SKMD24F0AS, SKMD30F0AS). The 30-inch Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven has been designed to complement the widest range of kitchen styles and appliances. The sleek, low-profile design and a stainless-steel finish beautifully complement any kitchen.

What is a 30 inch microwave drawer oven?

The 30-inch Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven has been designed to complement the widest range of kitchen styles and appliances. The sleek, low-profile design and a stainless-steel finish beautifully complement any kitchen.

Where should I place the smd3070as 30 inch microwave drawer?

The SMD3070AS 30 inch Microwave Drawer offers flexible placement options below an island, peninsula or standard cabinetry, or can be installed below your wall oven.

What is the purpose of a microwave drawer?

Locks the oven and disables the control panel to prevent accidental activation. This microwave drawer can be placed below an island, peninsula, or standard cabinetry, and can also be installed adjacent to your wall oven. 6 defrost and 12 cooking settings.