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Does MacBook Air have Intel Core i7?

Does MacBook Air have Intel Core i7?

Apple – MacBook AirĀ® – 13.3″ Display – Intel Core i7 – 8GB Memory – 512GB Solid State Drive – Silver.

What year is MacBook Air i7?

Apple MacBook Air “Core i7″ 1.7 13” Early 2014 Specs.

What is the price of MacBook Air i7?

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This item Apple 13in MacBook Air, 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 Dual Core Processor, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Mac OS, Silver (Renewed)
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What is the difference between MacBook Air i5 and i7?

The quad-core i7, which was once used in the 15in MacBook Pro offered some features that the quad-core i5 didn’t, one of which was Hyper threading. Another difference was the size of the cache. Thanks to these features, i7 processors were better for multitasking, multimedia, high-end gaming, and scientific work.

What is the last Intel MacBook Air?

The third generation was released in October 2018, with reduced dimensions, a Retina display, and combination USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports for data and power. The Intel-based MacBook Air was discontinued in November 2020 following the release of the first MacBook Air with Apple silicon based on the Apple M1 processor.

Does Apple have i7?

Testing conducted by Apple in October 2020 using preproduction 13-inch MacBook Pro systems with Apple M1 chip, as well as production 1.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-based 13-inch MacBook Pro systems with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645, all configured with 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD.

Is it worth buying MacBook Air 2020?

The 2020 Apple MacBook Air has an amazing design, great keyboard, a best-in-class trackpad, and plenty else to love. It’s not for the power-hungry, but it makes for an amazing experience when you favor general quality over raw performance. It will do well for most people unless you require some real brawn.

Is MacBook Air good for students?

MacBook Air is often named the best laptop for college by students because it’s light and portable, allowing for an effortless transfer between classes. Given the substantial power of its processor, this Mac laptop is almost unbeatable in terms of the price-to-quality ratio.