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Does laxus like freed?

Does laxus like freed?

Laxus also seems to have grown certain fondness for Freed as well. Laxus shows how much he respects Freed during his fight with Wahl after he uses Freed’s magic to trick Wahl into curing him of his sickness from his battle with Tempester.

Who does laxus date in fairy tail?

Mirajane Strauss
Miraxus (ラクミラ Rakumira) is a fanon pair between Fairy Tail S-Class Mages, Laxus Dreyar and Mirajane Strauss. This pair is also known as LaMira or “‘Lami'”.

What happens to laxus?

After Fairy Tail’s disbandment, he joined the Blue Pegasus Guild along with the members of the Thunder God Tribe. However, after the guild’s reformation, he rejoined Fairy Tail again along with the Thunder God Tribe.

Who is Cana’s love interest?

Mentioned during chapter 38 of the manga, Cana once had a crush on Macao Conbolt, a major Fairy Tail member from the elder era.

Who are the Canon couples in Fairy Tail?

Now let’s deep dive in some of the best ships, both big and small (& confirmed or not).

  1. 1 Fanon: Natsu & Lisanna.
  2. 2 Canon: Natsu & Lucy.
  3. 3 Fanon: Laxus & Freed.
  4. 4 Canon: Gajeel & Levy.
  5. 5 Fanon: Laxus & Mirajane.
  6. 6 Canon: Jellal & Erza.
  7. 7 Fanon: Gray & Lucy.
  8. 8 Canon: Gray & Juvia.

Does Laxus have a love interest?

8 Laxus & Mirajane Are Rumored To Be A Couple.

Who is Makarov’s wife?

The official sources such as the manga and anime as well as Mashima himself never revealed the identity of makarov’s wife since it was never needed within the story especially when the whole fairy tail series focuses mainly on natsu and the other main characters.

Is Loke in love with Lucy?

During Lucy’s fight with Bickslow in the Fighting Festival arc, Loke opens his gate on his own to save her. After their battle, he uses his magic to cast his “Ray of Love” which entitles the words “I love Lucy”. This is his open declaration of his love for her; which is not reciprocated on her part.

What is the most popular ship in Fairy Tail?

Natsu and Lucy is perhaps the most prominent ship in the Fairy Tail community.

Who is Lisanna in love with?

Eventually, Lisanna found Natsu very kind and cute, even asking him to be her husband in the future, which she brushed off as a joke when Natsu became noticeably flustered and red. From then on, Lisanna habitually teased Natsu in a similar manner.