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Do you have to pay extra to see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo?

Do you have to pay extra to see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo?

No, all included in the main entrance fee. Check on the zoo website to see if you need to book a time slot to see them, we did not need to and stayed in the viewing area for as long as we wanted.

Is Edinburgh Zoo car park free?

Our car park is currently free to use and has been very popular, which means it can fill up early in the day, especially during busier periods such as school holidays. You will also find two electric car charging points in the zoo’s main car park in dedicated parking bays which are free to use.

What is the oldest animal at Edinburgh Zoo?

Wojtek The Soldier Bear Wojtek, also known as the Soldier Bear, was a Syrian brown bear that lived a particularly extraordinary life before retiring to Edinburgh Zoo for the rest of his days.

Is Edinburgh Zoo a full day?

Opening hours. We plan to be open every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day (25 and 26 December). Last entry to the zoo is one hour before closing time. Please note that some areas, including Koala Territory, have restricted opening times – ask on arrival for details.

Is Edinburgh Zoo open coronavirus?

While most of the zoo is now open to visitors, our saki monkey and lemur walkthroughs will remain closed due to the high-risk of Covid-19 to primates. The Monkey House is also closed for development, however you can spot our primates in their outdoor areas, with other cheeky monkey species throughout the zoo too!

What is the best time to see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo?

Friends visited and saw them out and about at midday-ish. If you get tickets on the day you need to get to the zoo by 9am to get tickets, but you can buy tickets for any slot that day (with spaces), so 9am is not necessarily that busy a time.

How much is parking at Edinburgh Zoo?

Car parking – FREE until further notice

Car Park £4.00
RZSS Member £2.00*
Coaches (or free by arrangement) £20.00

When did Edinburgh Zoo get rid of elephants?

Elephant-Free Zoos

United States
Zoo Year Elephant Disposition
Edinburgh Zoo (United Kingdom) 1988 No longer keeps elephants because of fears that captivity may cause harm to the animals.

When did polar bears leave Edinburgh Zoo?

In December 2017 we were thrilled to welcome Hamish, the first polar bear born in the UK in 25 years who left the park in November 2020. You can help feed and care for our polar bears and other threatened animals around the world by donating today – if you can, please support our Survival Fund.

Why is Edinburgh Zoo closing?

The move follows the latest government advice on coronavirus and social distancing, posting on their website, a spokesperson for the RZSS said: “We know our fantastic members and visitors have appreciated having outdoor spaces to roam and view our magnificent animals over recent days but this is the right decision at …

Can you pay on the door at Edinburgh Zoo?

No – the only booking slot you need is for entry into the zoo. Once you’re in, there is a free flow system in place and staff are on hand in busy areas where we have to limit numbers. You may have a short wait for your turn in the best viewing spot, but do not have to book a specific time for panda or giraffe viewing.

How long dies it take to go around Edinburgh Zoo?

The Zoo covers a large area with some hilly aspects. Certainly a good 3 to 4 hours allows you time to see everything and grab some refreshments.