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Can you still visit Southfork?

Can you still visit Southfork?

Today, Southfork continues to welcome visitors from around the world, who come to see where Dallas was filmed and to experience the lifestyle made famous by the Ewings.

How long is the Southfork Ranch tour?

The guided tour lasts approx. 30/40 minutes, but, you are able to wonder either before or after. There is a gift shop as well as a catering facility.

What is Southfork Ranch famous for?

television series Dallas
Welcome to the Legendary Southfork Ranch, made famous by the Ewing Family in the television series Dallas! Southfork Ranch is a premier special events venue and meeting destination in the Dallas Metro Area.

Who owns Southfork Ranch in Texas?

In June of 1992, Rex Maughan, a successful Arizona businessman with extensive company operations in Texas, purchased the ranch. Maughan was a client of Southfork’s, hosting events several times a year for business associates from around the world. Since Maughan’s purchase, business has continued to grow.

How much is Southfork ranch worth?

Southfork Ranch: The Southfork Ranch is located 25 miles north of Dallas, and it served as the setting for the television show Dallas. The property has become a popular tourist attraction since the show. Appraised value: $5.17 million, includes more than 100 acres, according to the Collin County Appraisal District.

Was Dallas actually filmed at Southfork?

Southfork Ranch Website For thirteen years, television sets were tuned into 356 episodes of Dallas, one of the longest running series in television history. Viewers made themselves home at Southfork, the Texas ranch the Ewings called home and where the entire world was a weekly guest.

Does Bobby sell Southfork?

Bobby was originally the roadman for Ewing Oil, but later became the co-president of the company along side his brother J.R., until Cliff Barnes took over their roles as company president. He currently owns Southfork Ranch, the home of the Ewing family.

How many bedrooms does Southfork Ranch have?

The ranch offers 4,800 square feet of living space, with a total of five bedrooms and four bathrooms in the main house and guesthouse.

Who owns the real Southfork Ranch?

Who owns Southfork Ranch?