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Are the piano guys Mormon?

Are the piano guys Mormon?

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What happened to the daughter of the piano guys?

VERY SAD NEWS | The Piano Guys Co-Founder’s Daughter Found Dead in Oregon. The body of Annie Schmidt, daughter of The Piano Guys co-founder Jon Schmidt, has been found in the Oregon Mountains – several weeks after she disappeared whilst hiking alone in the Columbia Gorge.

Where was Piano Guys O Come Emmanuel filmed?

-The Piano Guys The Piano Guys expressed these thoughts about this Christmas classic: “We hope this song is an opportunity to reflect on everything we are blessed with in life—family, a beautiful earth, a place to rest our head, the warmth of the sun.” This video was filmed on location at the Jerusalem movie set of The …

Do The Piano Guys have families?

They have 16 children between them.

How old is Jon Schmidt?

55 years (July 10, 1966)Jon Schmidt / Age

Where does Steven Sharp Nelson live?

Salt Lake City
Nelson and his wife, Julie, have four children and reside in Salt Lake City.

How many cellos do the piano guys have?

Sixteen cellos, one piano, and four dads from Utah. Together, they’re The Piano Guys. Best known for their YouTube videos in which they combine classical music with pop songs, The Piano Guys played at the Ryman last weekend to a very enthusiastic crowd.

Where do The Piano Guys live?

“If Utah is our home, St. George is our hometown,” Nelson added. While The Piano Guys don’t all live in Southern Utah, their formation essentially happened here. Schmidt was in town for a concert when he walked into a St.

How old is Steven Sharp Nelson?

44 years (July 5, 1977)Steven Sharp Nelson / Age

Is Steven Sharp Nelson married?

Julie NelsonSteven Sharp Nelson / Spouse

Do The Piano Guys have family?

All four are devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each of them served full-time proselyting missions: Anderson in Washington state, Schmidt in Norway, and Nelson and van der Beek in separate missions in Korea. They have 16 children between them.