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Why was Tom Quinn in the last episode of Spooks?

Why was Tom Quinn in the last episode of Spooks?

Tom is briefly seen in the final episode of the entire Spooks series in Russia. It is strongly implied that Harry assigned Tom as a “private contractor” to track down and assassinate Elena Gavrik’s Russian Nationalist colleagues.

Why did Macfadyen leave Spooks?

Macfadyen intended to leave the series as he felt “your senses get dull doing a long-running TV show.” As the producers were storylining the third series, they were “99 per cent sure” Macfadyen would not return until they heard he wanted to come back for two episodes because he did not want to leave the series so soon.

Does Tom Quinn come back to Spooks?

Matthew Macfadyen will reprise his role as Tom Quinn in the finale of Spooks this weekend. Tom Quinn, the protagonist in the first two series, was last seen early in the third series when the MI5 agent was decommissioned for almost sabotaging an operation involving a sleeper agent.

What happens to Tom Quinn in MI5?

However, it wasn’t to be for long. Tom’s moral questioning of his job caused a massive crisis of confidence. He jeopardised an important mission and Harry was forced to de-commission Tom from MI5. His career is now over and he is no longer a Spook.

What episode does Tom Quinn leave Spooks?

Tom Quinn is a fictional character in the BBC espionage television series Spooks (called MI-5 in the United States), which follows the exploits of Section D, a counter-terrorism division of MI5….Tom Quinn (Spooks)

Tom Quinn
Last appearance “Series 10, Episode 6”
Portrayed by Matthew Macfadyen
In-universe information

When did Harry leave Spooks?

He was played by Peter Firth during the whole run of the series from 2002 to 2011, and reprised for the 2015 film, Spooks: The Greater Good.

What series does Tom leave Spooks?

Tom Quinn (Spooks)

Tom Quinn
Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Quinn
First appearance “Thou Shalt Not Kill”
Last appearance “Series 10, Episode 6”
Portrayed by Matthew Macfadyen

Why did Zoe Reynolds leave Spooks?

When she is found guilty, Zoe is sentenced to 10 years in prison and is forced to abscond to Chile, without Will, to avoid being jailed. This leads to a very emotional goodbye between her and Danny. Later on, Danny, seeing how Will is suffering, reveals Zoe’s fate, and Will leaves to rejoin her in Chile.

What happened to Harry Pearce in Spooks?

In Episode 1 of Series 8, Harry is being held by a group of Russians who plan to sell him to a group of rogue elements of the Indian Secret Service, of the CIA and of MI6. The Russians are killed by the rogue officers and Harry is also apparently killed.

How long is Matthew Macfadyen in MI5?

Macfadyen is leaving the show after episode two this season to pursue other projects, and the absence of this exceptional actor will be sorely felt.

Does Ruth marry Harry in Spooks?

After Ros’s death, Harry asks Ruth to marry him. Ruth declines, but later reveals her refusal isn’t because she doesn’t love him, but that, after all they had gone through together they had already become soul-mates, and didn’t need to demonstrate it in such a way.

Does Harry resign in Spooks?

His forced resignation was a smoke screen so that he wouldn’t be suspected of being a part of Nightingale. It was he who had ordered the attack against the hotel. Furious at the betrayal of the man he thought of as a friend, Harry goes to his home in Scotland and poisons him.