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Why was the Comanche attack helicopter Cancelled?

Why was the Comanche attack helicopter Cancelled?

On 23 February 2004, the U.S. Army announced the termination of the Comanche program, stating they had determined that the RAH-66 would require numerous upgrades to be viable on the battlefield and that the service would instead direct the bulk of its rotary systems funds to renovating its existing attack, utility, and …

What is the most feared attack helicopter?

The new aircraft is described as being faster, deadlier and more connected to the modern battlefield. (Picture: PA/Alamy). Fifty have been ordered and the rest are due to arrive by the summer of 2024.

Why did the RAH 66 Comanche fail?

Bugs in the software meant to manage the helicopter’s operation proved difficult–and expensive–to root out, the 3-barrel cannon wasn’t as accurate as intended, the target detection system failed to meet expectations, and efforts to both reduce weight and pull more power of the Comanche’s intended T800 turboshaft …

What is the most heavily armed helicopter?

The Mi-24 is one of the most widely known assault helicopters. It saw widespread combat action during wars and military conflicts. This ageing gunship is still very capable. This helicopter has heavily-armored, stepped cockpits ant an undernose gun turret.

Was the Comanche a good helicopter?

Yes, Comanche was going to be awesome, but it clearly did not achieve the full level of awesomeness envisioned in 1982. Some interesting and important technologies came out of the program, but no actual helicopters did. The partially designed system turned out to be unnecessary, unaffordable and unworkable.

How much does a Comanche helicopter cost?

Two prototype RAH 66s are flying. The current fly-away cost for the Comanche is $15 million per aircraft, comparable to the AH 64 Apache attack helicopter. Comanche’s real cost savings are in operation and support costs.

What is the best U.S. attack helicopter?

Best US Attack Helicopters

  1. Boeing AH-64 Apache (USA) Editorial Team Boeing AH-64 Apache.
  2. Black Hawk Utility Helicopter UH/HH-60. Sgt.
  3. Cheyenne Attack Helicopter AH-56.
  4. Kaman SH-2 Seasprite/H-2 Tomahawk.
  5. Bell H-13 Sioux.
  6. Bell UH-1 Iroquois.
  7. Bell AH-1G Cobra.
  8. Bell AH-1 SuperCobra.

Who has the most attack helicopters?

Military > Army > Attack helicopters: Countries Compared

1 United States 6,417
2 Russia 1,655
3 Libya 235
4 Egypt 150

What is the fastest military helicopter?

CH-47F Chinook The CH-47F Chinook is the world’s fastest helicopter, with a top speed of 315 km/h. The Chinook is a multi-mission military helicopter manufactured by Boeing Defense, Space & Security.

Which country has the best fighter helicopter?

What does the name Comanche mean?

The name Comanche is probably from a Southern Ute word meaning “enemy,” or more generally “stranger” or “other.” The Comanche called themselves numunuu and spoke a language related to that of the Shoshone of Wyoming and Idaho.

What is replacing the Blackhawk?

Sikorsky and Boeing have announced the engine supplier of their contender for the US Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft competition, Defiant X, is Honeywell. The competition was initiated in 2019 to develop a new utility helicopter that will replace the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk starting in 2030.