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Why was Ray Allen called Jesus Shuttlesworth?

Why was Ray Allen called Jesus Shuttlesworth?

Heat’s first nickname game Jan. Lee posted a photo on his Instagram account of the jersey that Ray Allen plans to wear when the Heat play the Boston Celtics on Jan. 21. The name “J. Shuttlesworth” on the back is in reference to Jesus Shuttlesworth, Allen’s character in Lee’s 1998 movie “He Got Game.”

Who was Jesus Shuttlesworth named after?

Shuttlesworth was named after ‘Baby Jesus’ from from Southwest Philadelphia’s John Bartram High School. Who you say? Further down Interstate 95, New York Knicks fans knew him as Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe. In “He Got Game,” Shuttlesworth was one of the most sought after high school basketball prospect in the nation.

What shoes did Jesus Shuttlesworth wear?

Shuttlesworth is seen wearing an array of Nike classics like the Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl” and the Zoom Hawk Flight, and this December, Nike will commemorate the classic film with a Nike Make Up Class of ’97 Pack, a two-pair set that features the two exact shoes.

Who is Lincoln Shuttlesworth?

Ray Allen
Ray Allen acted as Jesus Shuttlesworth, who was the superstar of Lincoln High School. This is his #34 basketball jersey. Available in blue and white.

Why did Spike Lee choose Ray Allen?

Spike even got into it with Allen because Allan Houston was constantly giving him the business on both ends of the floor, and it took him some time to adjust to playing in the NBA. He saw something in Ray and told him what the movie was about and how he should audition for the role.

What does the ball at the end of He Got Game mean?

Jake ultimately finds freedom by casting away his dreams and burdens to his son, Jesus, symbolized by the throwing of his old basketball over the prison wall and magically onto the Big State court where Jesus is practicing alone. Jesus clutches the ball, knowing it is a message of hope from his father.

Is Jesus Shuttlesworth a real person?

It’s the only mention of Marbury in He Got Game, but it resonates throughout the film. Lee based the character of Jesus Shuttlesworth, played by the real-life NBA star Ray Allen, largely on Stephon Marbury, who, like his fictional counterpart, grew up in public housing in Coney Island and, from a young age, was …

Is He Got Game Based on true story?

Two years after Marbury was selected with the fourth overall pick in the ’96 draft, He Got Game premiered. On May 1, 1998, the world met Jesus Shuttlesworth, the fictional phenom from Coney Island’s Lincoln High, portrayed on screen by Ray Allen, then a member of the Milwaukee Bucks.

What shoes was Booger wearing in He Got Game?

According to Brendan Dunne of Sole Collector, Nike will be releasing a “Nike Make Up Class of ’97” box set that will feature the models of the shoes Ray Allen wore in the 1998 movie He Got Game. The set will include the “Pearl” Nike Air Foamposite Pros and the Zoom Hawk Flights.

What Jordans did Denzel wear in He Got Game?

One of the most revered Air Jordan 13 colorways of all time is based on one of the greatest basketball movies of all time, “He Got Game”. Unsurprisingly, this 1998 classic that starred Ray Allen and Denzel Washington was directed by one of the top Jordan Brand endorsers in history, Spike Lee.

What is the meaning of the end of He Got Game?

Ultimately, Jesus decides to sign to play for Big State and gives Jake his blessing. However, the governor does not give Jake the promised reduction, as Jesus did not sign the letter of intent, and Jake’s work-release is fabricated in the media as an escape from prison before being recaptured.

What happened to Jesus Shuttlesworth mom?

Ray Allen plays a character who’s name is Jesus Shuttlesworth. At a young age, his father pressed him dramatically to be the best he could be. However by mistake kills Jesus’s mother and is sent to prison.