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Why was Kendra on Top Cancelled?

Why was Kendra on Top Cancelled?

‘ Kendra Wilkinson’s Show Cancelled After Nasty Divorce, Mom Claims. Kendra Wilkinson’s reality TV days are coming to an end because her show is over, has exclusively learned.

Whats the difference between Kendra and Kendra on Top?

Kendra on Top is an American reality television series on WE tv that debuted June 5, 2012. The series follows the day-to-day life of former Playboy model and The Girls Next Door reality television personality Kendra Baskett as she balances motherhood and her business ventures.

When did Kendra on Top Air?

June 5, 2012Kendra on Top / First episode date

Who is Kendra on Top married to?

Kendra Wilkinson’s divorce with former footballer Hank Baskett was the talk of the town in 2017. After being married for nine years, the couple reportedly separated in January 2018, agreeing to share the custody of their two kids — son Hank and daughter Alijah.

Is Kendra talking to her mum?

Kendra Wilkinson Admits Her Relationship with Mom Patti Is ‘Still Very Bad’ Because ‘in Her Mind, She Deserves a Piece of What I’ve Got’ Things don’t seem to be looking up for Kendra Wilkinson and her mother Patti’s strained relationship.

Was Kendra on Top scripted?

E! News has learned from a source that despite the drama in their marriage right now, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Hank Baskett have had to play nice for the cameras while shooting their reality show Kendra on Top. In fact, they even put on a fake family gathering. “The barbecue was definitely staged for the show.

Is Kendra still friends with Eddie?

“It was a sad goodbye because Kendra and Eddie are close friends, but it didn’t make sense for them to have that expense anymore. Hank doesn’t have a job, so they’re cutting back.

How many seasons does Kendra on Top have?

6Kendra on Top / Number of seasons

Is Kendra Wilkinson dating a woman?

Kendra Wilkinson remains on top—just not of her dating game! More than three years after finalizing her divorce from Hank Baskett, the former Girls Next Door star remains single. But instead of being focused on finding a new man, the 36-year-old has a few other priorities.

Where is Kendra now?

Today recently reported that after a long break, the 36-year-old single mom is “returning to reality television.” She will star in the Discovery+ television series Kendra Sells Hollywood.

Why did Kendra stop talking to her mom?

“I didn’t know how to balance life,” Kendra explained. “Unfortunately, at that time, I took my attention away from my mom because I had to focus on my family.”

Who is Kendra Wilkinsons father?

Eric W. WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson / Father