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Why was Footballers Wives Cancelled?

Why was Footballers Wives Cancelled?

The drama revolved around the club’s footballers…but more importantly the WAGS. The show featured a number of controversial storylines including drug abuse, love triangles and murder. Due to failing ratings, the series was cancelled after the fifth run.

Is there a season 6 Footballers Wives?

Footballers’ Wives – Season 6.

Who killed Jason Turner footballers wives?

Series Three Her widower, Kyle, bore her secret — she had killed Jason, and then battled with anorexia due to the pressure of her guilt, which eventually led to her death.

When was Footballers Wives Extra Time?

Footballers’ Wives: Extra Time (2005)

What happened to Chardonnay in Footballers wives?

Chardonnay was the glamour model who went through a tough time in the show. She was married to Kyle Pascoe and adopted her mother-in-laws baby Paddy. Played by Suzie Amy, Chardonnay tragically died after a battle with anorexia, leaving her husband devastated.

What happened to Salvatore Biagi footballers wives?

Flamboyant star Salvatore remains actor Daniel’s biggest role, but he went on to have a recurring role as Pete Gartside in Neighbours back in 2007. He appeared in a couple of episodes of Coronation Street in 2008, and featured in nearly 50 episodes of Doctors as Dr Franc Christophe until 2015.

What happened to Sal in Footballers wives?

Why did they write Chardonnay out of Footballers wives?

Kyle Pascoe was married to glamour-model, Chardonnay until her tragic death in season three. He was last seen in Footballer’s Wives being sectioned after suffering a nervous breakdown. Kyle was played by Gary Lucy who went on to have a very successful career.

Why was Chardonnay killed off?

Susie Amy as Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe At the beginning of season three it was sadly revealed that she’d died from anorexia. Actress Susie Amy has stayed in the limelight with roles on a number of high-profile shows.

Who was footballers wives based on?

The show is centred on the fictional Earls Park Football Club (nicknamed “Sparks”). The series, based on the book, Footballers’ Wives Tell Their Tales, by Shelley Webb, wife of British footballer Neil Webb, was produced by Liz Lake, Claire Phillips, and Cameron Roach, with Brian Park as executive producer.

What happened to Hazel in Footballers Wives?

The part of Hazel Bailey required Newman to have her naturally blonde hair dyed red. Newman left the show at the end of series 4, when her character decided to return to sports representation, after becoming romantically involved with a professional tennis player.

What happened to Sal in Footballers Wives?