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Why is Secret in Their Eyes Rated PG 13?

Why is Secret in Their Eyes Rated PG 13?

The Secret in Their Eyes is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for thematic material involving disturbing violent content, language and some sexual references.

Why is the lie rated 16+?

MPAA explanation: language throughout, some violence and brief sexuality.

What is Secret in Their Eyes about?

Rising FBI investigators Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Jess (Julia Roberts), along with Claire (Nicole Kidman), their district-attorney supervisor, are suddenly torn apart following the brutal murder of Jess’ teenage daughter. Thirteen years later, after obsessively searching for the elusive killer, Ray uncovers a new lead that he is certain can permanently resolve the case and bring long-desired closure to the team. But no one is prepared for the shocking and unspeakable secret that follows.Secret In Their Eyes / Film synopsis

Is the secret in their eyes on Netflix?

Watch Secret in Their Eyes | Netflix.

Can I tell you a secret film?

Can You Keep a Secret? is a 2019 American independent romantic comedy film directed by Elise Duran and stars Alexandra Daddario and Tyler Hoechlin….Can You Keep a Secret? (film)

Can You Keep a Secret?
Starring Alexandra Daddario Tyler Hoechlin Sunita Mani David Ebert Kimiko Glenn Laverne Cox Robert King Judah Friedlander

Why is baby Rated MA?

This series touches on timely issues, including bullying, tolerance, and sexual activity. Depending on the episode’s content, talk to your kids about these and other topics, drawing comparisons between the characters’ actions and your own family rules.

Is Summer 03 rated R?

Not rated. Running time: 1 hour 35 minutes.

Is The Lie scary?

In the end, The Lie is definitely more of a psychological thriller than it is a gory horror ‘flick; but parents resorting to murder to cover up their child’s crime only to realize it was all for nothing? Chilling.

Is the movie Secret in Their Eyes based on a true story?

To make things even crazier, the murder suspect is set free, and while Secret in Their Eyes isn’t a true story, the movie’s intense chain of events are inspired by unique blend of truth and fiction.

Is Mystic Pizza Julia Roberts first movie?

Mystic Pizza is a 1988 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Donald Petrie in his feature directorial debut, and starring Annabeth Gish, Julia Roberts, and Lili Taylor….

Mystic Pizza
Budget $6 million
Box office $14 million