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Why is Longjing tea famous?

Why is Longjing tea famous?

The best known legend of longjing tea tells the story of the Qianlong Emperor, who visited Shifeng Shan (“Lion Peak Mountain”) near West Lake and was enamored of the local tea style.

Where does Longjing tea come from?

tɕìŋ. ʈʂʰǎ]), sometimes called by its literal translated name Dragon Well tea, is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from the area of Longjing Village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It is produced mostly by hand and renowned for its high quality, earning it the China Famous Tea title.

How much does Longjing tea cost?

A truly authentic Long Jing comes from the small area of Hangzhou (West Lake) in the Zhejiang region and commands exceptionally high prices – upwards of $4000 per kilogram.

What is Lung Ching tea good for?

This tea is known to lower blood pressure and help the body keep cholesterol levels under control, thus preventing atherosclerosis and lowering your risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

How do you drink Longjing tea?

Take 1 teaspoon of Dragon’s Well loose tea and place them in a tea strainer and set in the gaiwan. Fill the teacup with water around 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the tea leaves steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the tea leaves and enjoy your cup of tea!

How long does Longjing tea last?

As a result, it does not have an especially long shelf life. You can expect it to keep for a year while retaining most of its flavor. But if you want to enjoy it at its best, you should consume it within 6 months.

Does Longjing tea help you lose weight?

Stimulating the metabolism and increasing energy levels, this tea can aid in passive fat burning and weight loss.

Why is Longjing expensive?

Longjing tea harvested prior to the April 5 Qingming Festival is more expensive because it is produced from the very tender first spring shoots. It requires skilled workers to pick every leaf by hand.

Is there caffeine in Longjing tea?

Caffeine Content: One specific study on Long Jing Shi Feng (Dragon Well) found that 5 grams (⅙ ounce) steeped at 185° F (85°C) for 4.5 minutes contains 48 mg of caffeine.

Does Lung Ching tea have caffeine?

Complex and layered, yet subtle in the cup, the Zhejiang Lung Ching is mellow and softly sweet with a crisp finish. Harvest: Spring 2019. Green Tea | Moderate caffeine | Steep at 180° for 3 minutes.

Does Longjing tea have caffeine?

One specific study on Long Jing Shi Feng (Dragon Well) found that 5 grams (⅙ ounce) steeped at 185° F (85°C) for 4.5 minutes contains 48 mg of caffeine.

When was tea more expensive than gold?

China’s ancient bushes of Da Hong Pao produce one of the most expensive teas in the world, astonishingly costing more than 30 times its weight in gold. In 2002, a wealthy purchaser paid 180,000 yuan – almost $28,000 – for just 20g of China’s legendary Da Hong Pao tea.

What does Longjing tea taste like?

The taste is very mild and subtle. Longjing tea tastes quite similar to freshly plucked peas and the fragrance is like chestnut. It also gives the flavor of nuts. Moreover, the aroma stays even after multiple brews. The West Lake is an added advantage of climate change.

What is Longjing tea good for?

The presence of polyphenols in the tea helps minimize the effect of high-fat meals to large extent. In addition, Longjing tea can burn up to 100 calories in a day.

Where is Longjing tea grown?

Address: Southwest of West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Longjing Tea or dragon well tea (龙井茶), a type of green tea of over 1200 years old growing in the surrounding area of the world famous West Lake in Hangzhou, is the ” No. 1 among the Top 10 Famous Tea in China “.

What is Longjing tea (Gong Cha)?

In the olden times, Longjing tea was popular as the “ emperor’s tea ” and “ imperial tea ” (Gong Cha). The tea is reckoned among the best green teas in the world.