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Why is it called Carrow Road?

Why is it called Carrow Road?

The new stadium took its name from the street which encloses the ground on three sides, the fourth boundary being the River Wensum. The name “Carrow” originally refers to the former Carrow Abbey that once stood on the riverside, its name in turn having possible Norse origins.

When was Carrow Road built?

August 31, 1935Carrow Road Stadium / Opened

When did Norwich move to Carrow Road?

By the 1930s, the ground was too small for the growing crowds, and in 1935 the club moved to its current home in Carrow Road. The original stadium, “the largest construction job in the city since the building of Norwich Castle… was “miraculously” built in just 82 days…

How old is Carrow Road?

87Carrow Road Stadium / Age (c. 1935)

What does OTBC meaning Norwich?

“On The Ball, City” (sometimes abbreviated ‘OTBC’ in writing) is a football chant sung by fans of Norwich City F.C.. It has been described as the world’s oldest football chant still in use today.

Will Norwich City expand Carrow Road?

In recent years, Norwich City have tentatively considered further expanding Carrow Road, but have decided that an expansion will only be feasible after the club has played at least three seasons in the Premier League.

How long did Carrow Road take to build?

81 days
Carrow Road at 80: how Norwich built ‘eighth wonder of the world’ in 81 days.

Why is Norwich called the Canaries?

The stadium was famously quoted as “miraculously built in 82 days” and “the eighth wonder of the world”. Norwich Football Club were called the ‘Canaries’ because of the history of when the birds had come over with ‘The Strangers’ in the 16th century.

What is the oldest football song in the world?

On the Ball, City
The oldest football song in the world that is still in use today may be “On the Ball, City”, a song believed to have been composed in the 1890s by Albert T Smith, who became a director of Norwich City in 1905. The song was adopted by fans of the club and it is still sung by Norwich’s fans.

Is Carrow Road stadium under cover?

It is has a large television gantry suspended beneath its largely perspex roof. This stand was further extended in 2005 and now surrounds the corner of the ground where it joins the River End, ‘filling in’ that area. The rest of the ground is also all seated and all stands are covered.

How many fans can Carrow hold?

27,244Carrow Road Stadium / Capacity

What was the attendance at Carrow Road today?

The ground can accommodate 27,244 today and the record attendance is presently 27,091. The record attendance at Carrow Road before it became an all-seater stadium was 43,984 in 1963….Carrow Road.

Full name Carrow Road
Location Norwich, England
Capacity 27,244
Field size 114 x 74 yards