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Why is Clarisonic discontinued?

Why is Clarisonic discontinued?

On Sept. 30, L’Oréal is shutting down Clarisonic. On the brand’s website, the company explained, “This difficult decision was made so that L’Oréal can focus its attention on its other core business offerings.” Clarisonic’s marriage with L’Oréal was tricky from the beginning.

What cleanser is best with Clarisonic?

TruSkin Cleanser Daily Facial Cleanser.

  • prooactivMD Deep Cleansing Face Wash.
  • instanatural Glycolic Cleanser.
  • Touch Glycolic Face Wash.
  • Image Skincare Ageless Total Facial Cleanser.
  • Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Facial Cleanser.
  • DERMA E Sensitive Skin Cleanser.
  • It Cosmetics Skin Transforming Hydrating Cleansing Serum.
  • What is replacing Clarisonic?

    If you are looking for a Clarisonic replacement, the FOREO Luna 3 is one of our favorite facial cleansing brushes because it uses upgraded T-sonic pulsations to deep clean your complexion. You can also flip it over and give your skin a firming massage that temporarily lifts and plumps.

    Is Clarisonic going out of business?

    “It has been our absolute pleasure to serve you all of these years.” Clarisonic users should keep in mind that the brand will continue to honor warranties until October 31, 2022, or depending on the warranty of your specific Clarisonic device. Understandably, fans of the brand are upset by the unexpected news.

    Did Ulta stop selling Clarisonic?

    The brand announced on Wednesday via an Instagram post that it would be closing down permanently on Sept. 30, and as a result, all Clarisonic products at Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Amazon (as well as the actual Clarisonic site) are being marked down to 50 percent off.

    Is it OK to use Clarisonic everyday?

    Many people really like using the Clarisonic brush and I’m certainly not telling you not to use it. I simply want to inform you that using it twice daily, combined with other exfoliating products, may be harming your skin’s overall health—and this is the last thing you want when caring for your skin.

    Is Clarisonic worth the money?

    If you are obsessive with skincare and looking for a simple way to keep your skin in tip-top condition, the Clarisonic Mia is a good buy. It cleans deeply, evens skin tone and is touted to get rid of blackheads and blemishes. Many users report their pores appear smaller after prolonged use.

    What has taken the place of Clarisonic?

    6 Clarisonic Alternatives To Buy If You’re After A New Cleansing…

    • Braun Face 810 Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush.
    • Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush.
    • Magnitone First Step Vibrasonic Cleansing Brush.
    • Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush.
    • PMD Clean International Facial Cleansing Device.

    Is Clarisonic bad for skin?

    While it may feel gentle enough to use twice a day, you have to understand how exfoliation affects the skin. Clarisonic brush, facial scrubs, acids, enzymes, washcloths or whatever form you get yours in can cause skin damage and may lead to premature aging if used too frequently.

    What do I do with my old Clarisonic?

    Whilst electrical items such as hair straighteners and Clarisonic cleansing brushes cannot be recycled at home, your local recycling centre will accept a wide range of different household items. If the product is still in a good condition you can donate to a local charity shop, or even sell via online auction sites.