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Why is Cameron Village changing its name?

Why is Cameron Village changing its name?

Residents of Cameron Park, a mostly white, century-old community off Hillsborough Street, voted 240-201 to change the neighborhood’s name, which references the Cameron family, once one of the largest holders of enslaved people in North Carolina.

What is the new name of Cameron Village in Raleigh?

Village District
Regency Centers is renaming “Cameron Village” to “Village District” and dropping its connection to the Cameron family, which was among the state’s largest slaveholders. One of Raleigh’s oldest shopping centers is changing its name to be more inclusive. “We are so excited that this change has been made.

When was Cameron Village built in Raleigh NC?

Cameron Village, the first shopping center built in the Southeast, opened in Raleigh in 1949. It was part of a 158-acre development that also included single-family residential areas and apartments, mostly constructed between 1948 and 1953 and reflecting postwar economic and demographic changes.

Who owns the Village district?

Regency Centers
Village District

Village District storefronts
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Developer J.W. York and R.A. Bryan
Management York Properties
Owner Regency Centers

Who was Cameron of Cameron Village named after?

Cameron Village was built on land that once held hundreds of enslaved people, and the shopping center, built in 1949, was named for the man who enslaved them. Prior to the Civil War, Duncan Cameron owned one of the largest holdings of enslaved men and women in the area.

What county is North Hills NC in?

North Hills Boundary Map

Neighborhood Name North Hills
City Raleigh
County Wake
Zip Code 27609
Area Code 919 / 984

Who is Cameron Village named after?

Duncan Cameron
The name dates to Duncan Cameron: planter, banker, politician and once ranked among North Carolina’s richest men. But that wealth was based largely on slave labor. Cameron Village has drawn Raleigh shoppers since the 1940s, when it opened on the family’s land.

Who built Cameron Village?

Architect Leif Valand, responsible for Cameron Village’s commercial and multi-family housing, also designed the Banks Kerr House on Smedes Place, whose basic form, a three-bay, side-gabled structure with a projecting wing on one end and a prominent exterior chimney, was repeated throughout the neighborhood.

Who is Duncan Cameron?

Lieutenant-General Duncan Cameron was commander of the Imperial forces in New Zealand from 1861 to 1865. He was a career soldier who had served with distinction in the Crimean War. By the time he arrived here was considered one of the most accomplished officers in the British Army.

Who owns North Hills Raleigh?

John Kane, the mall’s new owner, plans to demolish most of the 38-year-old shop- ping center next year and build new shops and possibly high-density housing, multi- story office buildings or a hotel on the loca- tion off Six Forks Road and the Beltline.

Who owns North Hills Raleigh NC?

Kane Realty Corporation
The development lies at the intersection of Six Forks and Lassiter Mills Roads, just to the north of the Six Fork Road interchange on I-440….North Hills (Raleigh)

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Opening date 1960
Developer Kane Realty Corporation

When did Duncan Cameron come to NZ?

23 January 1861
Five years in New Zealand were to change all that. Dissatisfied with the progress of the Taranaki war, the War Office promoted Cameron to (local) lieutenant general on 23 January 1861, and sent him to New Zealand to replace Major General T. S. Pratt.