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Why is Brian Potter in a wheelchair?

Why is Brian Potter in a wheelchair?

During this, a fully able Potter swam to collect the safe but in doing so, he found himself being pinned up by a floating fruit machine. He then entered a coma until the New Year. Upon exiting his coma, he was made aware that not only had the club been closed but he was also disabled from the waist down.

What channel is Phoenix Nights on?

Channel 4Phoenix Nights / NetworkChannel 4 is a British free-to-air public service television network. Its headquarters are in London, with a National HQ in Leeds and creative hubs in Glasgow and Bristol.
It began its transmission on 2 November 1982, the day after Welsh language broadcaster S4C’s launch. Wikipedia

Where can I watch Phoenix Nights in the UK?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to stream Phoenix Nights in the UK right now, as the series isn’t available on any UK streaming services. If you want to watch the series, you will have to pick it up on DVD (opens in new tab) for now! If you want to go really retro there are even video tapes of it about!

What episode is Keith Lard?

In fact, Keith Lard was first seen on television on 19 January, 2000 in “That Peter Kay Thing.” He later appeared in episode 3 of the first series of Phoenix Nights (screened 28 January, 2001).

How old is Dave Spikey?

70 years (October 6, 1951)Dave Spikey / Age

Who is Keith Laird?

Keith Laird, who works for Bolton council, complained after a character called Keith Lard appeared on screen bearing an uncanny resemblance. Lard appears on comic Peter Kay’s show Phoenix Nights with a bushy moustache, wears a luminous yellow jacket and has an overzealous approach to fire safety.

Where can I watch Phoenix Nights 2020?

Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights is available on Channel 4 OD and Britbox.

Where can you find Phoenix Nights?

Where was Phoenix Nights filmed? The club known as The Phoenix Club in the series is, in reality, St Gregory’s Social Club, which can be found on Church Street in Farnworth, near Bolton.

Is Phoenix Nights on streaming service?

This show isn’t available to stream. Track it to get notified when it is! Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights is a British sitcom about The Phoenix Club, a working men’s club in the northern English town of Farnworth, Greater Manchester.

How can I watch Max and Paddy?

Watch Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere where you want, when you want, with the Reelgood mobile app.

Is Keith Lard real?

Mr Kay, who is also from Bolton and created the character, stressed that Lard was fictional. A spokesman for Channel 4 said: “Channel 4 and Peter Kay would like to state that the character of Keith Lard may have led some persons to wrongly believe that the character was based on Mr Keith Laird.

What episode is Clinton Baptiste Phoenix Nights?

episode three
Peter’s Friends gave Aex his first showiz break but it was comedian Peter Kaye who gave Alex the opportunity to work on TV’s phenomenally successful Phoenix Nights when he cast him as an inept psychic in episode three of the series.

What is Phoenix darts’ new website?

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What is phoenixdarts?

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Is there a Phoenix Nights in Bolton?

Phoenix Nights is a British sitcom about The Phoenix Club, a working men’s club in the northern English town of Bolton, Greater Manchester. The show is a spin-off from the “In the Club” episode of the spoof documentary series That Peter Kay Thing, and in turn was followed by the spin-off Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.

Who runs the phoenix club in Phoenix?

The Phoenix Club is home to entertainment of all types, including bingo, singing, cabaret and a wide range of themed nights. The club was created by Brian Potter and is run by him and his staff. The club has a number of workers: Brian Potter: Owner of the club, who goes to any extremes to keep it open.