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Why did the 2013 Lakers fail?

Why did the 2013 Lakers fail?

Injuries were the primary reason the Lakers failed this season, but hardly the only one. Steve Nash was a shell of himself the whole year, bringing none of the magic his career has been known for. But he also got injured in Game 2 and may never have fully recovered.

How long was the Lakers playoff drought?

six seasons
The team struggled during the mid to late 2010s, during which they suffered the longest playoff drought in franchise history, failing to qualify for the postseason for six seasons. Before that stretch, they had missed the playoffs only five times in their entire existence up to 2013.

Did the Lakers go to the playoffs in 2013?

Instead, the Lakers struggled to qualify for the playoffs after changing head coaches and implementing multiple offenses. However, a weak defense and multiple injuries were the team’s biggest problems. They exited the playoffs in the first round for the first time since 2007.

When did the Lakers finally beat the Celtics?

Los Angeles lakers finally defeat the Boston Celtics to win 1985 NBA finals…

What went wrong with the 2012 Lakers?

Los Angeles quickly became one of the league’s worst teams in fast break points allowed. The Lakers couldn’t afford to run on offense because they couldn’t get back on defense, and thus the very reason the front office wanted D’Antoni in the first place was negated.

Who was on the Lakers team with Karl Malone?

Gary Payton
During the offseason, the Lakers signed star free agents Karl Malone and Gary Payton and re-signed free agent power forward Horace Grant. Following these acquisitions, the Lakers became the instant favorites to win the NBA title.

What was the Lakers worst season?

2015-16 season
The worst season to be played by the Lakers is the 2015-16 season. The Lakers only saw 17 wins and 65 losses. The 2015-16 season was the second year of Byron Scott’s tenure. You may wonder how a team with legend Kobe Bryant could trudge to such a finish.

What NBA team has the longest championship drought?

Among teams that have never won a title, the Phoenix Suns have the longest drought at 54 seasons.

Has there ever been a 4 0 sweep in the finals?

The 2007 NBA Finals was the championship series of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) 2006–07 season and conclusion of the season’s playoffs. In this best-of-seven playoff series, the Western Conference champion San Antonio Spurs defeated the Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers in a 4–0 sweep.

Who won 2013 NBA?

Miami Heat2012–13 NBA season / Champion

Who is Celtics biggest rival?

the Los Angeles Lakers
The Celtics–Lakers rivalry is a National Basketball Association (NBA) rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics and the Lakers are the two most storied franchises in the NBA, and the rivalry has often been called the greatest in the NBA.

Who is better Lakers or Celtics?

Even though the Lakers have been in the NBA for two fewer years than the Celtics, the Lakers have 3,084 wins (most in the NBA) compared to just 3,028. Boston has an impressive . 595 winning percentage, but the Lakers are tops in the NBA at .