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Why did Simon leave the yogscast?

Why did Simon leave the yogscast?

Simon took a hiatus from the Yogscast in March 2015, with a video explaining his sudden absence. In the video, he relates his hiatus to unspecified medical issues tied into an unexpected visit to the hospital.

Did Lewis leave the yogscast?

Just to let you know, I’m stepping away from The Yogscast after 8 years. It’s been an intense few weeks for everybody but I believe this is the…

How did Lewis and Hannah meet?

Hannah and Lewis first met in Ye Olde Goone Squade, though their first meeting has become somewhat of a running joke. During Lewis and Simon’s interview with Stayven on Nordrassil Radio, Stayven and Simon repeatedly asked Lewis how he met Hannah after Lewis seemed unwilling to answer a fan’s question.

Why did Leo leave the Yogscast?

Leo left yogscast on the 19th of February 2021 so that she could focus on education and her plans to become a teacher in Japan.

Why did Hannah leave Yogscast?

Hannah announced her departure from the Yogscast on October 28th, 2019 and currently has 1.1M subscribers and +330M views on YouTube with her channel garnering less attention than it used to, due to her move towards streaming instead of just content creation on YouTube.

Did Duncan leave the Yogscast?

He later announced he was leaving. He said: “Just to let you know I’ve stepped down as CEO of the Yogscast,” he wrote on the Reddit thread. “I have sent some inappropriate messages to several members of our community and I’m deeply embarrassed about this error of judgement.

What did Yogscast Hannah do?

Hannah started working as the Public Relations Assistant in July 2010, and later as the Operations Manager for the Yogscast, with her main jobs including reading and responding to fan mail and helping Lewis and Simon with video production.

What has SJIN been up to?

In August 2019, Sjin announced he had parted ways with the Yogscast after allegations of sexual misconduct/breaching of company code of conduct. He stated that he plans to continue as an independent content creator in the future.

Why did Hannah Rutherford leave Yogscast?

How many subscribers does Yogscast have?

As of 3 September 2019, the main Yogscast YouTube channel has 7,235,999 subscribers, 4,070,280,136 video views, and featured 33 other YouTube channels, while the Yogscast Twitch channel has 839,324 followers and a total of 112,913,425 video views.

Is the Yogscast coming to TheGameStation?

^ The YOGSCAST is joining TheGameStation! Also a special video with love from Simon and Lewis. YouTube (Video). The Yogscast. 31 August 2010. Retrieved 2 September 2018. ^ TGS is welcoming YOGSCAST!!

What is the Yogscast’s charity work?

The Yogscast started their first charity live stream in December 2011 with the intention to raise money for Oxfam ‘s Give a Goat programme to “send locally-sourced and vaccinated goats to families living in poverty.”

Does Yogscast give free landmark key?

PC Gamer. Retrieved 18 December 2018. ^ Sykes, Tom (7 September 2014). “Yogscast give Yogventures backers free Landmark key”. PC Gamer. Archived from the original on 21 December 2016. Retrieved 13 November 2018.