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Why did Seth Rollins vomit at Extreme Rules?

Why did Seth Rollins vomit at Extreme Rules?

When host R-Truth asked Seth Rollins about his vomiting incident, The Monday Night Messiah said the visual of Rey Mysterio losing an eye was too disturbing for him. “I wasn’t prepared for the visual aspect and it truly made me sick to my stomach.

Who won between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton?

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins defeated Randy Orton via pinfall.

What does Randy Orton’s RKO stand for?

Randy Orton giving the RKO. RKO stands for Real Knockout or Randy Knockout. According to Wrestling JAT Wiki, It is a variation of the cutter.

What is Randy Orton’s signature moves?

Orton has never been out with any serious injuries previously, however, the decorated superstar recently said in an interview that his signature move, the RKO, has begun to take a toll on his back. “I jump up as high as I can, grab the guy’s neck, and come crashing down to the mat.

Did Seth Rollins hurt Rey Mysterio eye?

WWE legend Rey Mysterio had an eye removed at the hands of Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules – which resulted in the ‘Monday Night Messiah’ vomiting at ringside. Mysterio lost to Rollins in the first ever ‘Eye for an Eye’ match, with the rules stating the contest could only end if one man’s eye was extracted.

What is John Cena’s special move?

Attitude Adjustment (John Cena) On the flip side, the AA is one of the most impressive moves in WWE history when it’s done to someone who weighs 350 to 400 pounds or more.

How did Rey get his eye back?

At Extreme Rules 2020, Seth Rollins shoved Rey Mysterio’s eye into the ringside steel steps to win the ‘Eye for an Eye’ match. As a result, The Master of 619 was taken to a nearby hospital where he received treatment. According to various reports, Rey Mysterio was operated on and remained in a critical state for hours.

Is Rey blind?

However, if you’re worried about Rey losing his eye: rest assured. It was a total gag. No, the WWE’s not going to let one of their talents lose an eyeball for a wrestling match.