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Why did Mohit Chauhan stop singing?

Why did Mohit Chauhan stop singing?

Mohit Chauhan: I was offered to recreate Kishore Kumar’s iconic song, how can you do this blasphemy? Singer Mohit Chauhan says that one cannot compete with a legend like Kishore sahab and hence he refused the songs he was offered without thinking if it has hurt his career.

Who is Mohit Chauhan wife?

Prarthna GehlotMohit Chauhan / Wife (m. 2012)

What is the age of Mohit Chauhan?

56 years (March 11, 1966)Mohit Chauhan / Age

Is Mohit Chauhan a good singer?

Mohit Chauhan is undoubtedly a wonderful singer but the way Arjit Singh has improved and progressed in his singing is over whelming. All his songs are a hit and his voice has such a flair that it is easy to relate to his style of singing. All good movies have Arjit Singh songs!

How can I become a playback singer in Bollywood?

If you want to be a playback singer, then all you have to learn is how to sing, as playback singers are pre-recorded. They are never seen on film, as the actors lip sync to the pre-recorded tracks. Create an audition tape. This tape will need to demonstrate your range and your ability to perform Bollywood style songs.

What is the age of KK?

53 years (1968–2022)KK / Age at death

Who is a better singer Mohit Chauhan or Arijit Singh?

Mohit chauhan has a versatile style of his own whereas arijit singh has a heart melting voice which seems to dissolve all distinctions of regions and time as he is engrossed in all sorts of songs, be it devotional, romantic, hip hop. They both are literally great legends of this time in the musical indistries.

Which stream is best for singer?

You can go both Science stream as well as Arts stream.

How do you become a singer at 17?

13 Easy Steps to Become a Professional Singer at 17

  1. Practice singing every day.
  2. Get your parents on board.
  3. Study the music industry.
  4. Take inspiration from successful singers.
  5. Get singing lessons and vocal training.
  6. Join a Choir.
  7. Write your own music.
  8. Promote music on Social Media.