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Why did Lakshmi and Alok separated?

Why did Lakshmi and Alok separated?

Alok and Lakshmi decided to separate a few days after Pihu was born. Today Lakshmi Agarwal alone nurtures her daughter. During an interview, Lakshmi had said, ‘We never got married, but we both stayed in a live-in relationship. When Alok realized that we couldn’t live together, he left me and separated.

Where is Alok Dixit now?

He resigned from the service and became a fellow of Indian Institute Of Journalism & New Media, Bangalore. After a short service as a reporter in TV9 News channel in Mumbai, he switched to Jagran Prakashan Limited and worked for portal Inext Live. Dixit works with the survivors of acid attacks in India.

Who is Laxmi Agarwal daughter?

PihuLaxmi Agarwal / Daughter

What is the age of Laxmi Agarwal?

32 years (June 1, 1990)Laxmi Agarwal / Age

Does Laxmi Agarwal have a child?

PihuLaxmi Agarwal / Children

Is Laxmi Agrawal married?

Alok DixitLaxmi Agarwal / Spouse

Is Laxmi agrawal married?

Who threw acid on Rangoli?

side Romeo
“Rangoli has the most inspiring Yoga story, a road side Romeo threw acid on Rangoli when she was hardly 21, with third degree burns, half of her face burnt, one eye lost its vision, one ear melted away and a breast severely damaged, she had to go through 53 surgeries in 2-3 years but that wasn’t all, my biggest concern …

Who is rangoli husband?

Ajay Chandel
Rangoli Chandel (Kangana Ranaut’s Sister) Age, Husband, Biography, Family & More

Affairs/Boyfriends Ajay Chandel (Works in Hewitt Associates)
Husband/Spouse Ajay Chandel (Works in Hewitt Associates – m.2011-present)
Marriage Date 11 May 2011
Children Son- PrithviRaj (born in 2018) Daughter- None

Who is Kangana Ranaut married to?

She has since maintained that she will never get married, and has expressed a desire to not be bound by a relationship. In 2016, Hrithik Roshan, her co-star from Krrish 3, filed a lawsuit against Ranaut accusing her of cyber stalking and harassment.

Is Kangana Ranaut sister married?

Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel and husband Ajay stepped into their new home with a low-key ceremony.

Are Kangana and Rangoli real sisters?

Kangana Ranaut says that to avoid more controversies, she will unfollow sister Rangoli Chandel. She also spoke about how her views on social media have cost her crores of rupees. Actor Kangana Ranaut believes that the South industry is a far more harmonious and familial place to work in, as compared to Bollywood.