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Why did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar apologize to LeBron James?

Why did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar apologize to LeBron James?

Cap issued an apology to LeBron James after heavily criticizing the superstar over the weekend. Cap issued an apology to LeBron James after heavily criticizing the superstar over the weekend.

What did Kareem say about LeBron?

“LeBron [James] is still the daunting hero I described two years ago,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote. “He’s still a major force in improving lives in the Black Community. He’s still one of the greatest basketball players in history. He’s still a man who has earned the overwhelming admiration of millions.

When did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar leave the NBA?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, known for his trademark sky hook, is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar left the game in 1989 at age 42, no NBA player had ever scored more points, blocked more shots, won more Most Valuable Player Awards, played in more All-Star Games or logged more seasons.

Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar still the all time leading scorer?

Though James is looking up at Abdul-Jabbar on the official career points list, he’s already the NBA’s all-time leader when combining regular-season points and postseason points….Career shot breakdown.

Year LeBron James Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
TOTAL POINTS 37,062 38,387

How much is Lebron James Worth?

$1 billion
The 37-year-old superstar has a net worth of $1 billion, by Forbes’ count.

How tall is Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

7′ 2″Kareem Abdul-Jabbar / Height

Was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar nice?

Abdul-Jabbar was elegant and unstoppable on the court, and thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate off it. But he was also shy and moody… His mood tending to lean very heavily in the antisocial direction for most of his career, which led to his adversarial relationship with the media.

How did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar criticize LeBron James?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar criticizes LeBron James, says he should be ’embarrassed’ Speaking at the unveiling of a social justice trophy in his name, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said LeBron James’ actions are ‘beneath him’ sometimes. “I admire the things that he’s done that have gotten all of our attention.

Why did Kareem retire?

The NBA legend admitted he had a “scary feeling” in his stomach as he prepared to transition into a post-basketball life. “I had accomplished pretty much everything I’d wanted to in basketball, but had I accomplished everything I wanted to in helping my community? Not even close,” he told the crowd.

Why did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar get traded?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the age-old revelation He expressed, “I decided it was time for me to look elsewhere to play. Milwaukee had been great, and I’d hoped I had paid back the fans for their support with a championship and a lot of exciting games.

Did LeBron James pass Kareem?

Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James passed basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most combined regular season and postseason points scored in NBA history on Saturday.

Can LeBron break Kareem’s record?

If he can carry over his current season scoring average into next season, he would need only 46 games to break the record. Assuming he plays all of Los Angeles’s final six games this regular season, James would need between 40 and 45 games next season to break the record.