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Why did GSP win against Hendricks?

Why did GSP win against Hendricks?

If you run with the thought that GSP and Hendricks were neck and neck heading into the final round, then St-Pierre did enough to take home the victory by winning the final round. The FightMetric stats will back that thought as St-Pierre landed more significant strikes and threw more strikes overall.

Who won GSP vs Johny Hendricks?

Georges St-Pierre
Georges St-Pierre was faced with his toughest opponent in recent memory on Saturday night as he took on Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks, but GSP’s dominance over the welterweight division continued as he won his 12th straight fight and retained the UFC Welterweight title via split decision.

How old is GSP?

41 years (May 19, 1981)Georges St-Pierre / Age

What is George St-Pierre doing these days?

In the interim, he starred in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the mercenary Georges Batroc. And now that he’s officially retired from mixed martial arts, St-Pierre is currently reprising the role on the Disney+ miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Did Hendricks tap to GSP?

Hendricks pushed off GSP’s left quad with his right forearm while his hand was open, but by no means did he tap.

What did Johny Hendricks test positive for?

But we know we’re clean; we’re good. You test Johny, and the only thing he’s going to test positive for is high cholesterol because he eats fast food.

Who won the fight between Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hendricks?

Hendricks rifled uppercuts at St-Pierre’s dome as the champion ducked down for a single leg, and punished St-Pierre with elbows as well. He scored a takedown of his own and landed a few punches as St-Pierre recovered.

Who has better range striking Hendricks or St-Pierre?

St-Pierre clearly had the advantage in range striking, but Hendricks had success with his jab in round four. Not as much as St-Pierre though, and that’s a problem when that power left was suddenly catching air.

How many rounds did John Hendricks win in his fight?

Hendricks believed he won four of the five rounds and the outcome was disputed by a large segment of fighters, fans, and the media. In retrospect, criticisms of the verdict have softened, but this remains one of the most controversial championship fights of all-time.

How many knockdowns did Georges St-Pierre have against John Hendricks?

No knockdowns were scored in the fight and St-Pierre had one more takedown with three to Hendricks’ two. The ground exchanges resulted in little significant action as St-Pierre was credited with one significant ground strike and Hendricks four.