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Why did everyone leave Packed to the Rafters?

Why did everyone leave Packed to the Rafters?

CHANNEL 7 has revealed the real reason Packed to the Rafters ended last year — and it wasn’t due to young cast members leaving or poor ratings. Instead, it seems that key cast members Rebecca Gibney and Erik Thomson wanted out to pursue other projects.

Why did Jessica Marais leave Packed to the Rafters in season 4?

Last year fans were shocked when Jessica Marais pulled out of the much-anticipated Amazon Prime reboot Back To The Rafters due to mental health reasons. And now her former co-star Angus McLaren has given an update on how the popular star is doing.

Why did Sammy leave Packed to the Rafters?

Jess McNamee has decided to leave Packed to the Rafters. The 24-year-old actress, who has played Sammy Rafter since the Australian television drama debuted in 2008, reportedly plans on returning to university to finish an arts degree course.

Why did Zoe leave Packed to the Rafters?

Ventoura, 29, has moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting roles and her on-screen demise was kept a close secret. “It was really important we kept it on the down-low because of the impact from the shock of it,” she told News Ltd from the US. “It’s been a part of me for so long — it was really emotional.”

What happened to Jake on Back to the Rafters?

James Stewart, the actor who played Jake Barton, will not be returning due to personal reasons. While working on the show, the actor fell in love with his co-star Jessica Marais (who played Rachel Rafter), but the pair have since split.

Is Jake in Back to the Rafters?

Packed to the Rafters will be returning to our screens in 2020, but James Stewart, who played Jake Barton on the series, won’t be returning.

Why didnt Jessica come back to Back to the Rafters?

Jessica was initially set to reprise her role of Rachel Rafter, after previously starring on the beloved Channel Seven drama from 2008 until 2013. Last year, fans were shocked when Jessica pulled out of the much-anticipated Amazon Prime reboot Back To The Rafters due to mental health reasons.

What happens to Rachel Rafter?

While her brothers are close to one another in Sydney, Rachel is still living in New York City – where she moved in the final season of the original series. Living a somewhat secretive life, Rachel has some pretty big news to share with her family in the first few episodes of the reboot.

Do Nathan and Sammy get divorced?

Rachel, the eldest Rafter child, struggles to find balance between her high-flying new job and her relationship with Jake; Ben, recently and blissfully married to Melissa, is trying for kids until a heartbreaking accident shatters his world; and Nathan is agonisingly estranged and ultimately divorced from his wife …

What happened to Nathan and Sammy?

Nathan and Sammy are back together and Edward (named after Ted, his grandfather) will remain in his custody after his ex said she’s happy for the baby to be with him, as long as she gets to see him from time to time. Rachel and Jake got engaged. Yay!

Why did Rachel leave the rafters?

Jessica Marais, who played Rachel Rafter on the series, was originally slated to reprise her role. However, in February 2020, she announced she would be pulling out of the series due to “personal reasons”.

Does Colby leave packed to the rafters?

Packed to the Rafters will be returning to our screens in 2020, but Ryan Corr, who played Coby Jennings on the popular series, won’t be taking part in it.

What happened to the cast of Packed to the rafters?

Packed to the Rafters is one of Australia’s most iconic TV shows, which ended in 2013. And over the course of its five-year run, it turned its cast of relatively unknown actors into household names. Starring the likes of Rebecca Gibney, Jessica Marais and Hugh Sheridan, the Seven show was a hit. But where are the cast now?

Who plays Dave Rafter on Packed to the rafters?

Starring role: Julie Rafter was the cool mother everyone wanted to have, which is a testament to actor Rebecca Gibney’s talents and all-round likability On Packed to the Rafters, Erik memorably played Dave Rafter, husband to Julie and doting dad to Ben, Rachel, Nathan and Ruby.

Is packed to the rafters season 2 on DVD?

The entire series of Packed to the Rafters has been released on DVD on Region 4 in Australia from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment between 2009 and 2013. A complete series box set was released in 2013. Season two was the only season to receive a Blu-ray release, in addition to its DVD release.

What happened to Nathan Rafter from home and away?

Everyone remembers the name Nathan Rafter for all the wrong reasons, simply because he cheated on his onscreen wife Sammy, played by Jessica McNamee. After Rafters ended, Angus went on to appear in the TV series Doctor, Doctor. Last year, the 30-year old joined the cast of Home and Away as Lance Salisbury.